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NDEs During Cardiac Arrest

heart attack
Cardiac arrest is an ideal model to study near death experiences and the relationship of the mind, consciousness and the brain during clinical death. Horizon Research Foundation explains the science in more detail here. Horizon Research Foundation is a resource center for the study of end of life issues and is a treasure trove of information regarding the scientific study of NDEs.

Read detailed science about claims of near-death experience in survivors of cardiac arrest in a prospective study

Read a near-death account from someone who experienced clinical “death”…


Quote of the week

“I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”

-Thomas Edison, October 1920

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THE DAY I DIED: The mind, the brain and near death experiences

(The International Association For Near Death Studies) The most compelling, up-to-date video on NDEs, “The Day I Died”, produced by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in 2002, can now be purchased in the United States. The video features in-depth case studies of NDEs including a dramatic veridical (verifiably accurate) out-of-body experience, the most recent research studies, and balanced interpretations of NDE experiences from both skeptical and “believer” perspectives – virtually everything an inquiring mind would need for an introduction to NDEs.

Watch the video online at The Daily Grail.


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