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Watch This Jacobean Painting Come Back to Life….

The conservation process is amazing to watch.



From Atlas Obscura,


Watch a Jacobean Painting Emerge From 200 Years of Grime in Seconds
A mysterious 1618 lady, revealed.

by Natasha Frost


“Two hundred years ago, someone—an aspiring art conservator, perhaps—took a brush and coated a 1618 oil painting of a lady in red with a thick coat of ostensibly protective varnish. Over the decades, the varnish naturally discolored, turning first yellow and then brown, until the whole painting appeared covered in grime. Now—in a flourish—those two centuries of discoloration are gone.


Philip Mould is an art dealer and presenter on the popular BBC art program Fake or Fortune. He bought this painting at auction and posted videos of the dramatic conservation process as it happened. In the videos, Mould applies a substance—a gel-solvent mixture—to the surface of the painting, works it in, and then wipes it back to reveal the painting in its near-original glory…”


Click here for the rest as well as the videos of this in action!




Walk like a Medieval!

Ok guys, stay with us here for a few minutes and enjoy the wonderful oddness of this fellow demonstrating how Medieval people walked before the invention of hard-soled shoes…




Anti-gravity machines in Tesla’s “lost papers?” Tune in to decide for yourself…

Tesla’s last patent, filed in 1928, was for a flying machine that would have changed everything we knew about flight…


Tesla’s lost papers describe an anti-gravity flying machine? Could it be? Certainly Tesla was a futurist and a genius…so, let’s imagine for a minute that these claims are true…





Tesla’s Secret Lost Papers FOUND…Reveal AMAZING Inventions! [VIDEO]


“Nikola Tesla was a man of the future, with ideas that far outreached many of the inventors of his time.


In 1926, Tesla was able to predict the ‘modern smartphone.’
“We will be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance,” Tesla said. “But not only this but through television and telephony we will be able to hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles…”


Tesla also created the first drone patent more than a century ago. And that was just one of the approximately 700 worldwide patents he had by the time of his death. Nearly all of them are in use today.


Without Tesla, our world would look very different. He made remarkable breakthroughs in wireless communications, turbine engines, helicopters, fluorescent and neon lights, and the X-ray…”


More of the article here. Video below.



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