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Edison’s Talking Dolls

We think these artifacts rather beautiful actually!


Edison’s Talking Dolls Can Now Provide The Soundtrack To Your Nightmares (NPR – All Things Considered)




“Back in 1890, Thomas Edison gave us some of the world’s first talking dolls. Today, the glassy-eyed cherubs that are still around stand about 2 feet tall; they have wooden limbs and a metal body; and they sound supercreepy. (If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your nightmares, listen to the audio story above.) Edison built and sold about 500 of them back in 1890. Now, new technology has made hearing them possible for the first time in decades.


Jerry Fabris, who curates sound recordings at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, says part of what makes the recordings so unsettling is that they were most likely read by a female factory worker imitating a little girl. (For example: Here’s a shrieking recitation of “A Child’s Prayer” that you will never unhear.)…”


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The Power Of The Witch


Happy October!




‘The Power Of The Witch’ – super rare British witchcraft documentary from 1971


“What a find! The Power Of The Witch is a documentary about witchcraft as it was practised in the late 60s and early 70s in the UK – apparently it was only screened once and there is practically no information about it on the web. From the uploader taitsitarot‘s YouTube description:



An extremely rare documentary about Witchcraft aired once in the UK in 1971. Featuring contributions from Eleanor Bone, Cecil Williamson, Alex & Maxine Sanders [above], Doreen Valiente et al. Very much of its time and with some very rare footage, also includes reference to the famously unsolved murder of Charles Walton on Meon Hill.

The Power Of The Witch is worth a watch even if you are not particularly interested in the occult – rather watch it as a document of its time, capturing as it does people’s attitudes, beliefs, fashions and plummy Brit accents. It’s a curious mixture of patriarchal stiff upper lip-ism and unerring belief in both Christianity and the forces of magic, making it feel very much as if it comes from a completely different era. Not to mention, it’s a goldmine of potential witch haus footage:…”


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A dark fairy tale of magic and witchcraft…

As we feel the very first touch of autumn, we are reminded that the edge of winter’s darkness is moving towards us too – the spirits of Halloween are the greeters – as well as the fog, the rain, and the falling leaves…


Here is a beautifully made Icelandic art house film to set the mood – starring a young Bjork.


“The Juniper Tree tells the story of two sisters who have escaped after their mother has been stoned and burned as a witch. Baby-faced Björk plays teenaged Margit, who comes along when her sister bewitches and marries a widower with a young son.” (Dangerous Minds)


The Juniper Tree 1990 (Full Movie)


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