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The Time Capsule House

Grange Farm, located in the heart of England, was the home of Jack and Audrey for 70 years…


The Contents Of This Home Have Been Untouched Since The 1940s. This Goes Beyond Fascinating


By Houston Barber




“Have you ever loved a place so much you wished you would never leave? What if you not only never left, but also kept everything in the same place for your entire life? That’s exactly what brother and sister combo Jack and Audrey Newton did for 70 years until their recent death. The siblings stayed in their childhood home since the early 1940s, never getting married and refusing all technological advancements.


Their lifestyle was mostly a mystery until the house was set up for auction after the death of its elderly residents. More than 500 items, trapped in time, were discovered inside…”


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Time is not the same everywhere…

A little bit of wonderment (and science) about time. Dear readers, you will LOVE THIS.



The Magical Golden Pyramid of Lake County

Did this man tap into ancient pyramid power, or is this just a coincidence?


This Man Built A Gold Pyramid Home in Illinois and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

(Disclose TV)


“Jim Onan was a man who always admired Egyptian culture and stumbled upon a university study one day suggesting that Pyramids at Giza generated energy. Jim came from humble beginnings, He had 5 children with his his wife Linda and he was a hardworking man who built his own concrete business from the ground up. In the 70’s Pyramid’s became more popular because of the mysteries coming forth. His curiosity led him to build small pyramids around his home and people realized that when they put their hands above this small pyramid they felt a weird sensation, a vortex of energy coming from the top of the Pyramid.


He kept building small pyramids and then decided to build a little bigger one, a 13 foot pyramid in his backyard to experiment on a larger scale. One of the Onan sons was a botanist and the university he attended suggest that they grow inside the Pyramid. What they found was astonishing, they found that plants grew three times as fast in the pyramid than outside it.


One day, Jim was talking with his wife Linda about what kind of home they should build and Linda jokingly said “Why don’t you build it out of a pyramid” and that gave him quite the idea, he was going to build his families home as a pyramid structure, and he did. He built the Pyramid home for his family and it was an exact replica model of the Pyramid’s of Giza at 1/9th the size.


As the building came into completion and the pyramid form took shape something astonishing happen. The middle of the home started bubbling up with water and the spring water started entering the first floor (the bottom) of the pyramid. Astonished and confused, they scrapped the plans to have an indoor pool on the first floor of the pyramid and instead had to bring in experts to reroute the water to funnel it out of the pyramid home and into the surrounding area.


Some say that the shape of the pyramid itself helped to bring this spring to life and fill the surrounding area with spring water. This is really the only conclusion that I see considering there was no water there before and once the pyramid took shape this is when the water started bubbling up. Quite incredible huh? A pyramid structure helped to bring spring water to the surface….”


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Enjoy this very entertaining video about Onan’s pyramid —


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