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The Orion Conspiracy

The only new things are those which have been forgotten…

Please enjoy this short film that does an incredible job of knitting together all of the most fantastic conspiracy photographs and information that exist in our world today. It’s a feast for those of us that like to follow the paranormal, the strange, or the unexplained!

The website also includes an enormous treasure trove of both authentic and enhanced photos of artifacts that are referred to in the film. Have fun!

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Ancient Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon?

The Crypt

“The tomb or crypt in which the mummies were found is one of the largest of the chambers, the walls slanting back at an angle of about 35 degrees. On these are tiers of mummies, each one occupying a separate hewn shelf. At the head of each is a small bench, on which is found copper cups and pieces of broken swords. Some of the mummies are covered with clay, and all are wrapped in a dark fabric. The urns or cups on the lower tiers are crude, while as the higher shelves are reached, the urns are finer in design, showing a later stage of civilization. It is worthy of note that all the mummies examined so far have proved to be male, no children or females being buried here. This leads to the belief that this exterior section was the warriors’ barracks.” – Arizona Gazette 1909

Have you heard about the mysterious article allegedly published in the Arizona Gazette in 1909 detailing an explorer’s discovery of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon? Yes, you read that correctly – the Grand Canyon.

Is this a hoax or were these discoveries authentic? Did we have Egyptian Pre-Colombian contact in the Americas? And if so, why is this information being suppressed today?

Read the original article said to be from 1909, here. You may also explore further here and here. This is a very interesting enigma indeed and one that you should have fun researching for a while. Enjoy!


Dead Sea Scrolls Get Googled

If you’re anything like me, the fantasy of witnessing biblical times in biblical locations has a particular thrill – I often wonder if I spent some time there long, long ago. Perhaps so many of us are fascinated by these times and places because we hang so much weight on the events chronicled in the bible, both religiously and culturally, and yet every day life in biblical times is rather unknowable. The Dead Sea Scrolls shed some light on the true nature of biblical era life, and I am very grateful that they were discovered! Now, Google has decided to digitize the documents so that they may be experienced widely:

Dead Sea Scrolls to get ‘Google’ treatment

Dead Sea Scrolls will get their own database, courtesy of the web search giant. The Dead Sea Scrolls are some two thousand years old.

A worker of the Israel Antiquities Authority points at a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a laboratory in Jerusalem, Tuesday, Oct. 19. Israel’s Antiquities Authority and Google announced Tuesday they are joining forces to bring the Dead Sea Scrolls online, allowing both scholars and the general public widespread access to the ancient manuscripts for the first time.

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

By Tia Goldenberg, Associated Press


The Dead Sea Scrolls, among the world’s most important, mysterious and tightly restricted archaeological treasures, are about to get Googled.

The technology giant and Israel announced Tuesday that they are teaming up to give researchers and the public the first comprehensive and searchable database of the scrolls — a 2,000-year-old collection of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek documents that shed light on Judaism during biblical times and the origins of Christianity. For years, experts have complained that access to the scrolls has been too limited.

Once the images are up, anyone will be able to peruse exact copies of the original scrolls as well as an English translation of the text on their computer — for free. Officials said the collection, expected to be available within months, will feature sections that have been made more legible thanks to high-tech infrared technology…

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