The Crypt

“The tomb or crypt in which the mummies were found is one of the largest of the chambers, the walls slanting back at an angle of about 35 degrees. On these are tiers of mummies, each one occupying a separate hewn shelf. At the head of each is a small bench, on which is found copper cups and pieces of broken swords. Some of the mummies are covered with clay, and all are wrapped in a dark fabric. The urns or cups on the lower tiers are crude, while as the higher shelves are reached, the urns are finer in design, showing a later stage of civilization. It is worthy of note that all the mummies examined so far have proved to be male, no children or females being buried here. This leads to the belief that this exterior section was the warriors’ barracks.” – Arizona Gazette 1909

Have you heard about the mysterious article allegedly published in the Arizona Gazette in 1909 detailing an explorer’s discovery of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon? Yes, you read that correctly – the Grand Canyon.

Is this a hoax or were these discoveries authentic? Did we have Egyptian Pre-Colombian contact in the Americas? And if so, why is this information being suppressed today?

Read the original article said to be from 1909, here. You may also explore further here and here. This is a very interesting enigma indeed and one that you should have fun researching for a while. Enjoy!