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Sharing Worlds

Have you ever had the feeling that you were reincarnated from a world other than our own? When a planet is discovered that has earth-like qualities – such as distance from its star and the possibility of liquid water – I am reminded that extraterrestrial life is possible and that perhaps the spirits in the universe who are recycling their souls may also be sharing their planets…

sun earth

(image source: Windows to the Universe)

Food for thought from SETI:

Planet of Promise
Small, Rocky World Could Harbor Life
May 17, 2007
by Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute

For the first time, astronomers have discovered a planet far, far away that might be similar to Earth. This distant world, which pirouettes around a dim bulb of a star with the unglamorous name Gliese 581, may possibly sport a landscape that would be vaguely familiar to us – a panorama of liquid oceans and drifting continents. If so, there’s the chance that it’s a home to life – perhaps even advanced life.

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The Boy Who Lived Before

Every once in a while a story pops up in the news about reincarnation that rings true. It’s rare, but it happens. The following instance is impressive. See for yourself…

boy who lived before

The Boy Who Lived Before

September 08, 2006

LITTLE Cameron Macaulay was a typical six-year-old, always talking about his mum and family.He liked to draw pictures of his home too — a long single-storey, white house standing in a bay.

But it sent shivers down his mum’s spine — because Cameron said it was somewhere they had never been, 160 miles away from where they lived.

And he said the mother he was talking about was his “old mum.”

Read the complete article at The Sun Online.


[Quote] of the Week


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616)


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