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America’s Oldest Petroglyphs Found In Nevada

We know next to nothing about the first people to cross the Bering Strait into the Americas – but we now have some of their very, very ancient art:




Oldest petroglyphs on continent found in Nevada

Associated Press


Pyramid Lake, Nev. —


“Ancient rock etchings along a dried-up lake bed in Nevada have been confirmed to be the oldest recorded petroglyphs in North America, dating back at least 10,000 years.


The petroglyphs found on limestone boulders near Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada’s high desert are similar in design to etchings found at a lake in Oregon that are believed to be at least 7,600 years old. Unlike later drawings that sometimes depict a spear or antelope, the carvings are abstract with tightly clustered geometric designs – some are diamond patterns, others have short parallel lines on top of a longer line.


Scientists can’t tell for sure who carved them, but they were found on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s reservation land.


“We initially thought people 12,000 or 10,000 years ago were primitive, but their artistic expressions and technological expertise associated with these paints a much different picture,” said Eugene Hattori, the curator of anthropology at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City who co-authored a paper on the findings earlier this month in the Journal of Archaeological Science…”


For the complete article click here to go to SFGate.


Egyptian Pyramids Discovered By Satellite Images

What secrets we will learn as they excavate these ruins? Egyptologist Dr. Sarah Parcak is our new hero…



Space archaeologist unlocks secrets of ancient civilizations

By Lauren Said-Moorhouse, for CNN



“In Egypt’s northern Delta, Sarah Parcak is on the hunt to unearth ancient settlements, pyramids and tombs lost in the sands of time.


Rather than digging through the dirt in a dusty trench, trowel in hand, the Egyptologist has turned her eyes to the stars.


Sarah Parcak is a space archaeologist who uses satellites, initially designed for use by the military, to identify potential sub-surface remains.


Sarah Parcak, Egyptologist and anthropology professor
Sarah Parcak, Egyptologist and anthropology professor


“When people initially think of the term “space archaeologist” they think ‘oh it’s someone who uses satellites to look for alien settlements on Mars or in outer space’ but the opposite is true — we’re actually looking for evidence of past human life on planet earth,” she says…”


For the complete piece and a video, click here.




“In June, the U.S.-based National Academy of Sciences released a report where a consortium of archaeologists used airborne lasers to survey Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.


The team also announced the remarkable existence of a medieval city hidden beneath the dense jungle.”



¬†And still more…


We blogged about this last year, here. “Egyptian Pyramids Found By Infra-Red Satellite Images


The Jeweled Saint Skeletons

Picture 1



Ornamented relics were reminders to the faithful of heavenly treasures to come…


Enjoy a photographic series of the “Dazzling Jeweled ‘Saint’ Skeletons” from the catacombs of Rome, here.


And for an extra treat, here is a video interview with a scholar (and author/artist) who is truly attuned to the beauty of death:


The Empire Of Death – Art In Human Bone


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