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The Wrath of Vesuvius

So stunning, so poignant.


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Imprisoned in Ash: The Plaster Citizens of Pompeii

By Atlas Obscura/Salon


“Those that did not flee the city of Pompeii in August of 79 AD were doomed. Buried for 1,700 years under 30 feet of mud and ash and reduced by the centuries to skeletons, they remained entombed until excavations took place in the early 19th century…”


Click here for a gallery of incredible photographs of the plaster casts, and links to more about the world’s hidden wonders.


Welcome to Dismaland

No doubt you’ve heard, Banksy has made a new exhibit. It’s called Dismaland, and it’s an “anti-theme park”, located in Somerset, England, only to be open for five weeks…




Here’s the official “trailer” –




Ready, Set, Warp Drive!

Too good to be true? Buckle your seat belt: These experiments suggest otherwise…


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NASA May Have Accidentally Created a Warp Field

From Mysterious Universe


Star Trek” introduced the world outside of rocket science circles to the concept of warp drive – the propulsion system that allowed the starship Enterprise to travel faster than the speed of light. Warp speed is the holy grail that would let us explore the universe safely surrounded and protected by a space-distorting warp field. After watching the SpaceX rocket recently just try to land on a platform, you’d think this ability is years if not decades away. Yet the buzz on space websites is that NASA may have accidentally discovered a way to create a warp field. Wait, what?


Check out episode 13.15 of the MU Podcast for a in-depth discussion of the warp drive HERE


To get around the theory of relativity, physicist Miguel Alcubierre came up with the concept of a bubble of spacetime which travels faster than the speed of light while the ship inside of it is stationary. The bubble contracts spacetime in front of the ship and expands it behind it. The warp drive would look like a football inside a flat ring. The tremendous amount of energy it would need made this idea prohibitive until Harold “Sonny” White of NASA’s Johnson Space Center calculated that making the ring into a donut shape would significant reduce the energy needs…”


For the rest click here.


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