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Lost Fragrances Continued: M.J. Guest Blogs About HOUBIGANT – LE PARFUM IDÉAL…

The latest release in M.J.’s Reincarnationist series, THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES, is ripe with sensual references to perfume and M.J. has done significant research into the mysteries of scent.


…And so, she is touring the blogosphere leaving a gorgeous trail of guest posts about lost fragrances.


Tune in here for blog tour updates and links to her delicious posts. Your senses will thank you!


On that note (pun intended), here’s an intro to M.J.’s Guest Post at Bippity Boppity Book on HOUBIGANT – LE PARFUM IDÉAL…



Have you ever come across an older item that belonged to your grandmother or another relative and became completely caught up in the faint fragrance emanating from it?…

For her complete post about HOUBIGANT – LE PARFUM IDÉAL click here.







“…The vast majority of the world’s human languages are slated for extinction within a century. But the Long Now Foundation has devised a key for people living ten millennia in the future to rediscover them…”


From Radio National – THE ROSETTA PROJECT


Click here for the episode.


The Neverending Poem…

The Letters of Utrecht


The Letters of Utrecht project publishes a poem of the local poet’s guild in the stones of a street in the center of the town of Utrecht, The Netherlands. One character per stone, one stone per week…




For more on this, click here.
For an explanation of the Letters of Utrecht (video, in Dutch) click here.

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