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Visible Only From Above

If you’re interested in the mystery of the Nazca lines, you will also find these fascinating –


 Visible Only From Above, Mystifying ‘Nazca Lines’ Discovered in Mideast

LiveScience.comBy Owen Jarus |

The giant stone structures form wheel shapes with spokes often radiating inside. Here a cluster of wheels in the Azraq Oasis. CREDIT: David D. Boyer



They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, can be seen from the air but not the ground, and are virtually unknown to the public.


They are the Middle East’s own version of the Nazca Lines — ancient “geolyphs,” or drawings, that span deserts in southern Peru — and now, thanks to new satellite-mapping technologies, and an aerial photography program in Jordan, researchers are discovering more of them than ever before. They number well into the thousands.


Referred to by archaeologists as “wheels,” these stone structures have a wide variety of designs, with a common one being a circle with spokes radiating inside. Researchers believe that they date back to antiquity, at least 2,000 years ago. They are often found on lava fields and range from 82 feet to 230 feet (25 meters to 70 meters) across…


For the complete article click here.


See a gallery of wheel structures here.


Did Kubrick Fake The Moon Landings?

Okay, suspend your disbelief for a second and imagine that for political reasons the United States may have needed to cloak the true nature of its lunar program by creating fake landings and moon walks. Now imagine that they would have needed to find the most precocious filmmaker alive in order to do the job.


There’s a lot of talk lately about whether or not it’s possible that Stanley Kubrick was hired to direct the fake moon landings. Here’s an article from Reality Sandwich that goes into great detail on the matter. I am still a bit skeptical, but this article has really got me thinking.


Judge this mystery for yourself and please let us know what you think…



How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings


by Jay Weidner




“There are great ideas, undiscovered breakthroughs available, to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.”


–Neil Armstrong, “First Man on the Moon”




It has now been forty years since the fabled moon landings by NASA and the Apollo gang. When it comes to the subject of the moon landings, people tend to fall into two belief groups. The first group, by far the bigger of the two groups, accepts the fact that NASA successfully landed on the moon six times and that 12 human beings have actually walked on the surface of the moon. The second group, though far smaller, is more vocal about their beliefs. This group says that we never went to the moon and that the entire thing was faked.


This essay presents a third position on this issue. This third point of view falls somewhere between these two assertions. This third position postulates that humans did go to the moon but what we saw on TV and in photographs was completely faked.


Furthermore, this third position reveals that the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is the genius who directed the hoaxed landings…


For the complete piece click here.


Find the related documentary film here.



Our Provocative Giveaway Continues…


A few weeks ago, M.J.’s upcoming new novel, THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES, got Indie Next Pick for March! It also received a starred and boxed PW review – and to celebrate, M.J. decided to offer something very intriguing to her readers. The giveaway continues through February and the details are below in case you missed our post about this earlier in the month…


But first, The Story straight from M.J.:


Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, was fascinated with and some say obsessed by scent. Marc Anthony built her a fragrance factory and the famous queen was said to have kept a recipe book for her perfumes, entitled Cleopatra gynaeciarum libri. That book has been described in writings by historians Dioscorides, Homer and Pliny the Elder.


No known copy of the book exists today.


That missing book stirred my imagination and became the seed for THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES. While writing, to remain in the world of the novel, I burned incense and my favorite candles – those created by Frederick Boucharday. When the novel was finished I searched out Boucharday to give him a copy of the yet to be published novel.


Boucharday was intstantly intrugued by THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES. First, as a reader, he said he was taken with the mystery and romance of the story. In my tale scent plays a strong role when it comes to ones memory. Boucharday, who creates using oils and classic ingredients, said that it spoke to him as a perfumer.


The ancient fictional fragrance at the heart of my novel is called, Âmes Sœurs, which means “Soul Mates” in French. Inspired by the book, Boucharday has brought the scent to life with his version of Âmes Sœurs , the scent of soul mates. Âmes Sœurs hints of Frankincense, Myrrh, Orange Blossom and Jasmine. It’s smoky uncommon finish suggests the past and the future, and lost souls reunited.


In what I hope will be a perfect combination of fragrance, fact and fiction, Boucharday and I have brought both perfume and storytelling to a new place.


We’d like to give our readers a sample of Âmes Sœurs, the scent of soul mates, the exclusive, mystical fragrance, inspired by THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES (coming in March). Publishers Weekly has called the book a “deliciously sensual novel of paranormal suspense…”




For every one of you that pre-orders THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES using the instructions below, we will send a sample of Âmes Sœurs. This is a mesmerizing read, a provocative fragrance, a unique collaboration and something special for you.


How does it work?


1. Just click on the preferred website and pre-order THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES from the links below.


2. Email the receipt or a scan of it to along with your name and your snail mail address for fragrance delivery.


Your sample of Âmes Sœurs will be shipped to you on or before March 13th. The book will arrive separately, from the store of your choice, at the same time so you can enjoy both together.




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*Offer ends March 1st, is limited numbers of supplies available and only to readers in the US and Canada.




Here are more of the excellent reviews we mentioned! –


“An amazing novel… utterly engrossing.Elegantly written, with unforgettable characters and flawlessly realized international settings, here is a novel that will keep you up all night—and leave you with powerful feelings of revelation, wonder, and the infinitude of human possibility.” New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston


“A book full of delicious surprises, superb research, and brilliantly drawn characters that will live on in your heart long after you turn the last page.” —Anne Fortier, author of Juliet


“A spellbinding love story and historical novel of mystery, reincarnation, ancient Egypt. Rose’s in-depth research about fragrance adds to the pleasure in what I think is her most exciting book yet. Being immersed in Rose’s fictional world is one of those times when you don’t want to come back to the real world.” —Susan Wasson of Bookworks, Albuquerque, NM


“Smoothly blends historical events, compelling characters, and international intrigue into an absorbing and thrilling ride through the centuries.” Library Journal


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