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Boy Remembers His Past Life As A 1930’s Hollywood Actor

In the spirit of the Reincarnationist books, here’s something really intriguing…




This 10 Year Old Boy Remembers His Past Life As A 1930’s Hollywood Actor


“This is such a mind blowing story.


This isn’t the first account of a child remembering their past lives – there are thousands of recorded cases of the exact same experience from kids all over the world. This caught my eye because it was an NBC newscast which I just found amazing. Enough people in the collective consciousness are interested in past lives to get it on the news.


This 10 year old boy from Oklahoma named Ryan, was born with the memories of his past experiences. He is able to remember vivid details of his past life, which took place in 30?s Hollywood. He says he was an actor on broadway who worked for an agency, travelled the world and was married 5 times. They were actually able to open a book and have him point to a man he says he was.


His mom, acting as a support, decided to take him to a child psychologist who really seemed to know what’s going on. He approached these cases with a beautifully open mind, something many professors are afraid of doing.


His conclusion after 50 years of the university collecting 2500 different cases of children remembering past lives is: ”These cases demand an explanation, we can’t just write them off.”…


For the rest, and a video, click here.


A lost book for Houdini…

What could be more mysterious than the discovery of a rare manuscript in a defunct magic shop’s collection?


The discovery of a rare manuscript created for Houdini, of course!






Long-lost Lovecraft manuscript penned for Houdini found

by Bonnie Burton (


The man who brought us Cthulhu wrote a book for the man known to escape everything. But if you want to read the unfinished work, it’s going to cost you.


“Nothing could be more exciting to fans of legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft than the discovery of a rare manuscript in a defunct magic shop’s collection.


But it gets better. “The Cancer of Superstition,” written by Lovecraft in 1926, was commissioned by magician Harry Houdini. A Houdini memorabilia collector found the book and is selling it to the public.


Anyone who wants to read the 31 typewritten pages for themselves can buy the work as part of a Houdini lot from Potter & Potter Auctions in Chicago on April 9.


Previously, most Lovecraft and Houdini scholars believed the book might exist only in outline form since the work was suspended soon after Houdini’s death in October of 1926.


The famous magician’s widow, Beatrice, did not want to pursue the completion of the work after his death…”


For the rest, click here.





The color of heaven?

An entire city in its blue period…




From Bright Side,


The absolutely incredible blue city that came straight out of a dream


“Tucked in the north of Morocco, there is a small town called Chefchaouen. This unusual place can be safely called a ’blue dream,’ since the old part of it is filled with buildings painted in all shades of blue — from baby blue to aquamarine.


This unusual coloring was introduced by Jewish refugees, who believed that the more you look at anything blue, the more often you think about heaven and God. The tradition caught on, becoming a signature feature of the old part of town…”


For many, many photos of these incredible blues, click here.


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