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The Tesseract / The 4th Dimension

A beautiful representation of the theory of four-dimensional space….


(When we think of the “tesseract” we are reminded of our favorite books of childhood, A Wrinkle In Time.)


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.29.47 PM


“A series of images from Charles Howard Hinton’s The Fourth Dimension (1904), a book all about the “tesseract” – a four-dimensional analog of the cube, the tesseract being to the cube as the cube is to the square. Hinton, a British mathematician and science fiction writer, actually coined the term “tesseract” which appears for the first time in his book A New Era of Thought (1888). We are not going to pretend to have given the time to his book to understand fully the concept behind these diagrams, but they are a fascinating series of images all the same (particular the coloured frontispiece featured above), and offer a glimpse into the theory of four-dimensional space which would prove so important to the development of modern physics. Although Hinton’s work was an important stepping stone in understanding four-dimensional space, the real breakthrough came in a 1908 paper by Hermann Minkowski, in which four-dimensional space was thought of in non-Euclidean terms, leading to the revolutionary concept of “spacetime”…”


More here. And many extremely strange and wonderful diagrams!


The Witch and The Would-Be King

This is the stuff of legends…


The King Stone at Rollright Stones in Warwickshire, England (Poliphilo/Wikimedia Commons)

The King Stone at Rollright Stones in Warwickshire, England (Poliphilo/Wikimedia Commons)


Skeleton of a High Status Spiritual Woman Unearthed Near Rollright Stones in England

(Mark Miller, Ancient Origins)


“Legend has it that centuries ago a witch turned a would-be king of England and his men and knights to stone, which still stand and are among the Rollright Stones circle at Warwickshire. Now a new legend has cropped up: A 7th century AD skeleton recently unearthed at the site is being called the witch who turned the ambitious men to stone.


The woman stood between 4 feet 11 inches and 5 feet tall (about 152 cm) and was buried with a Roman patera or bronze vessel possibly used to cook offerings to the gods, a large amber bead and an amethyst set in silver. The patera is only the fifth found in England. She also had with her a large spindle whorl, which, with the patera, says, indicates that “Rita,” the Saxon pagan Rollright Witch, as she is being called, was a spiritual woman of high status…”


Read more here.

Movietone: Wonders of Ancient Egypt…

“In Egypt excavations for tombs of the Pharaohs reveal sphinxes and a mummy of a priest who lived 4,000 years ago. In the Cairo Museum we see a vase made 1,300 years BC…”




P.S. Happy Blue Moon to you all!





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