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The Slow, Slow Speed of Light


The AMAZING new discoveries coming out of the CERN labs has got us thinking about light speed. Are we really limited by the speed of light when it comes to intergalactic communications and travel? We think this article (see below) from World-Mysteries blog is particularly interesting if the faster-than-light neutrinos at CERN have been causing you to scratch your head lately. The article includes the faster than light (FTL) theories of Tesla, as well as the ideas of many more seekers into the enigma of energy and information transmission.


When you think about it, entangled quantum particles have been proven to communicate with each other instantly (see: quantum entanglement)…so wouldn’t it make perfect sense that the speed of light is not really the speed limit of the universe? With the work being done at CERN, we may soon have our proof that we are less limited than we thought…








Faster than Speeding Light

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Is it necessary that the speed of light limit our communications?

Are there other star-systems awaiting our contact?

Is the SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) program realistic in using transverse or electromagnetic (radio) waves, which are light-speed limited?

Why search microwave frequencies for distant life when the detected human biological frequencies are in the ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies, 3-300 Hz.) spectrum?


Are there alternatives which offer possible answers to the above questions?



Yes! Join me as I unfold evidence for a new direction in communications technology. There is a possibility that in our own neighborhood of the Galaxy there are other creative beings searching, imagining or wondering who else might be out there in the cosmos. Anyone for extreme DX?…


For the complete article, click here.




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The Crystal Skulls Series

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. M.J. and I are grateful for all of the readers of this blog! Have a lovely holiday weekend.


In part I of our Crystal Skulls series we want to introduce you to the mysterious legend of these enigmatic skulls. Were they carved by the ancient Maya for healing and shamanic purposes? Or were they created by a prehistoric advanced civilization (such as Atlantis) to store vast amounts of encoded information?


In the next installment, a dear friend, healer, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and blogger Lily Diamond (Green Mother Medicine blog) will do a guest post on her recent experience visiting with the skulls which were on a “sacred journey” across the U.S. that culminated in the 11.11.11 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Gateway Conference in a Los Angeles. Lily was able to hold one of the skulls in her hands, and has some very interesting things to say about her experience. Stay tuned to The Museum of Mysteries…


For a little background from the Mayan perspective, here’s a short video:


“Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo explains how the crystal skulls are
viewed by the Maya at the 4 Directions Wisdom Gathering May, 2007.”



…and here is the first episode of a comprehensive series from the Sci Fi Channel on the skulls –



For more information on the Crystal Skulls, click here.


Will The Real Shakespeare Please Stand Up?

I recently went to a fantastic movie, “Anonymous”, about the mystery surrounding the authorship of the Shakespeare canon. While the film is fiction, it includes elements of fact that do seem to imply a feasible possibility that William Shakespeare is not the name of the author who penned the works of “Shakespeare” –


The director of the film, Roland Emmerich, has put together a compelling little video of ten reasons why Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare…


For more on the mystery, the film’s website has a debate going and a series of very educational links on the matter, here.


NPR has also done some work on this:


The Real Shakespeare? Evidence Points To Earl”


“In the final part of Morning Edition’s series about Shakespeare, co-host Renee Montagne examines the theory that the Earl of Oxford — not the man from Stratford — is actually the bard and author of the world’s most famous plays…”


Listen to their story here.




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