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In part I of our Crystal Skulls series we want to introduce you to the mysterious legend of these enigmatic skulls. Were they carved by the ancient Maya for healing and shamanic purposes? Or were they created by a prehistoric advanced civilization (such as Atlantis) to store vast amounts of encoded information?


In the next installment, a dear friend, healer, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and blogger Lily Diamond (Green Mother Medicine blog) will do a guest post on her recent experience visiting with the skulls which were on a “sacred journey” across the U.S. that culminated in the 11.11.11 Crystal Skulls World Mysteries Gateway Conference in a Los Angeles. Lily was able to hold one of the skulls in her hands, and has some very interesting things to say about her experience. Stay tuned to The Museum of Mysteries…


For a little background from the Mayan perspective, here’s a short video:


“Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo explains how the crystal skulls are
viewed by the Maya at the 4 Directions Wisdom Gathering May, 2007.”



…and here is the first episode of a comprehensive series from the Sci Fi Channel on the skulls –



For more information on the Crystal Skulls, click here.