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Lost Egyptian City Revealed

Nothing floats the Museum of Mysteries’ boat more than new Egyptian discoveries…






Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea 



“It is a city shrouded in myth, swallowed by the Mediterranean Sea and buried in sand and mud for more than 1,200 years. But now archeologists are unearthing the mysteries of Heracleion, uncovering amazingly well-preserved artifacts that tell the story of a vibrant classical-era port.


Known as Heracleion to the ancient Greeks and Thonis to the ancient Eygptians, thecity was rediscovered in 2000 by French underwater archaeologist Dr. Franck Goddio and a team from the European Institute for Underwater Acheology (IEASM) after a four-year geophysical survey. The ruins of the lost city were found 30 feet under the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Aboukir Bay, near Alexandria.


A new documentary highlights the major discoveries that have been unearthed at Thonis-Heracleion during a 13-year excavation….


The rest, here.


Abandoned amusement parks from around the world…





With a tip of our hat to BoingBoing from whence many of these links originated, enjoy the mysterious beauty of abandoned amusement parks from around the world…


Eerie images from the lost amusement park in New Orleans here.


The beautiful decay of River Country, Walt Disney World’s first waterpark. It opened in 1976, and closed  in 2001. All the attractions remain in place, slowly being overtaken by nature and neglect… here.


Berlin’s answer to the creepy and wonderfully abandoned amusement park here.




Gorgeous photos of an abandoned park in northern Japan, here.


And last but not least, the incredible and abandoned cheap Japanese Disney knock off – Nara Dreamland! (Here too.)








Beautifully Strange Paintings of Visual Chaos

What are these paintings conveying? Are they beautiful or are they just strange? How do they make you feel? I find them to be gorgeous, but mostly I love the way they make me feel like I am reading a story about something odd, suspenseful and exciting – to me the experience of looking at these is so much like reading something that you simply cannot put down because it’s so riveting…


The Organized Chaos of Tatiana Kazakova

by Tracy Jones



“Flying saucers, whales, watermelons and white padded rooms collide inside the mind of Tatiana Kazakova. Living in Moscow, Russia, this digital artist and illustrator dismantles the walls of organized reality and builds them back up into a chaotic monument. She creates worlds that contract and dance in the hypnotized eyes of viewers. Her illustrations are a mix of media: They blur the lines between painting and digital manipulation. The social commentary in her work is an assault on the incoherence of life and the noisy brains of humans….”


More here.


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