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Who Was Mithras? Who Was Jesus?

One of the great mysteries about Jesus Christ is whether he existed at all. Put aside questions of whether or not Jesus was the son of God, or even God Himself, and let’s confront the other looming question: Was Jesus Christ a historical figure who lived in ancient times, or is he a composite of many folkloric heroes throughout history and therefore never actually lived? Many scholars and religious people have grueling debates over this question, and have come up with detailed arguments in support of their claims.

Whether I agree or not, I find it very interesting to research the evidence on all sides of the argument. Below is one writer’s very in-depth interpretation of the question…

Was Jesus the reincarnation or re-invention of Mithras?
by Rudolph Boshoff

Currently from all different spheres of influence (the new atheist’s; Jesus scholars as well as he National Geographic Channel) we are experiencing a lot of ludicrous attempts to discredit the historical fact and the liable scriptural evidence of who Jesus Christ really was (and is.) Numerous attempts have been made to bring similarities between Christ and Mithras, Simon Magus and Apollonius of Tyana. The Apostles and early writers of the New Testament have been accused of Syncretism or a rampant plagiarism of old folk stories and religious qualms. One of the recent attacks from eminent theologians denies the legitimacy of Christ and the Gospel claims by using resources which is historical in context but also partial in their explanation. These sources are ancient folk lore and abridged stories to which they long to draw parallels to the historicity of Christ so they can declare Him superfluous and even unrealistic…

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Project Camelot Interviews David Wilcock

Project Camelot probes into all of the great mysteries that surround us and are diligent about conducting interesting interviews with folks in the metaphysical scene. David Wilcock is a channeler and reincarnationist who has been posted about here on our blog several times, and in this Project Camelot interview below (The Road to Ascension), David touches on such a panoply of subjects that it’s difficult to summarize the video for you – let’s just say that reincarnation is the tip of the iceberg here! I suggest you sit back, relax, open your mind, and watch!




Did E.T. Just Phone Us?

“No one knows for sure what caused this signal,” a NASA statement said. “There is a slight possibility that it just might originate from an extraterrestrial intelligence.”

Click here to listen to a recently discovered and unidentified SETI signal. According to NASA, there is no explanation for this science fiction-sounding radio emission picked up recently by a SETI. I guess we can safely say that this is “Wow! signal” number two (the “Wow! signal occurred in 1977). Let’s hope that the next time such an anomaly occurs it repeats long enough for the scientists to really get a sense of what it is or where it’s coming from! You have to admit, when NASA says there is even a slight chance that something may have its origin in extraterrestrial intelligence, it’s worth sitting up in your seat…

For more about the recent anomaly click here to visit Mysterious Universe. Click here for NASA.



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