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A Scholarly Account of Necromancy


From our friend Nancy over at the A Bloody Good Read blog comes a wonderful post about necromancy and more…





By Nancy Bilyeau



Vampire. Witch. Zombie. Werewolf. Yes, they have us surrounded.




In films, books and TV series, it seems as if the supernatural run the show as never before. I admit to having my favorites.


When it comes to the fanged ones, I like to get down with Dracula, whether it’s in the hands of the one-and-only Bram Stoker, the gifted Elizabeth Kostova (The Historian) or the audacious Francis Ford Coppola in his adaptation (fantastic soundtrack). Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris and Justin Cronin have taken the vampire myth in fascinating directions. And, yes, I admit it: I’m a Twilight mom…



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Enjoy some Saturday Night UFOria…


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The Statues That Rocked

Now here is a theory that makes sense!…


Photograph by Randy Olson


Easter Island Mystery Solved? New Theory Says Giant Statues Rocked


National Geographic News



“For centuries, scientists have tried to solve the mystery of how the colossal stone statues of Easter Island moved. Now there’s a new theory—and it rocks.


The multiton behemoths traveled up to 11 miles (18 kilometers) from the quarry where most of them were carved, without the benefit of wheels, cranes, or even large animals.


Scientists have tested many ideas in the past, figuring that the islanders must have used a combination of log rollers, ropes, and wooden sledges. Now a pair of archaeologists have come up with a new theory: Perhaps the statues, known as moai, were “engineered to move” upright in a rocking motion, using only manpower and rope…”


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Watch video: Easter Island statues rocking forward…



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