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Mystery of Ancient Egyptian Funerary and Afterlife Revealed

Keep an eye out in your city for this exhibit. It sounds incredible…

INDIANAPOLIS. (Art Daily dot org)- The Indianapolis Museum of Art will be the first venue to host To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum, which will be on view July 13 – September 7, 2008. Featuring approximately 120 objects dating from 3600 B.C. to 400 A.D. from the world-renowned Egyptian art collection of New York’s Brooklyn Museum, the exhibition will illustrate the range of strategies and preparations the ancient Egyptians developed to defeat death and to achieve success in the afterlife.

“The IMA is pleased to be the first museum in a multiple-city tour for this exhibition,” said Maxwell L. Anderson, the Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO of the IMA. “Through a vibrant selection of artworks from one of the world’s leading collections of Egyptian antiquities, our visitors will gain real insight into the ancient quest for survival into eternity.”

The exhibition explores the belief that death was an enemy that could be vanquished, one of the primary cultural tenets of ancient Egyptian civilization. In order to survive in the next world, Egyptians would purchase, trade, or even reuse a variety of objects—statues, coffins, vessels, and jewelry for example—that would protect them in the afterlife. The exhibition explains the process of mummification, the economics and rituals of memorials, the contents of the tomb,
the funeral accessories—including the differentiation of objects used by upper, middle, and lower classes—and the idealized afterlife.”

Exhibition highlights include:

-a vividly painted coffin of a Mayor of Thebes (about 1075-945 B.C)
-the mummy and portrait of Demetrios, a wealthy citizen of Hawara (95-100 A.D.)
-two mummies of dogs (664 B.C.-395 A.D)
-stone sculpture and statues
-protective gold jewelry made for nobility
-amulets (items for protection in the afterlife)
-canopic jars (used to store the body’s major organs)
-ceramic vessels

“Many of the objects in the show have never been exhibited before,” said Theodore Celenko, curator of African art at the IMA. “And one piece in particular—a limestone statue of a father, mother and child that’s more than 2,000 years old—will only be shown in Indianapolis.”

In addition to the exhibition, the IMA will host a lecture by the exhibition’s curator Edward Bleiberg. On Sunday, July 13 at 2 p.m., Bleiberg—the curator of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art at the Brooklyn Museum—will discuss religion, aesthetics and immortality of ancient Egypt in relation to the exhibition.


Are E.T.s here on earth, helping us raise our level of awareness?

Here is a fellow who has researched both UFOs and reincarnation…I’d love to have coffee with this guy!

Psychologist to speak on UFOs, aliens

Center schedules lectures on ‘out of the box’ subjects

CODY – While a robotic lander digs in the Martian soil in an effort to detect traces of ancient primitive life, a Wyoming psychologist will speak here Saturday about his belief that intelligent aliens have often visited Earth.

R. Leo Sprinkle, a counselor in private practice in Laramie, has spent 45 years researching sightings of unidentified flying objects and speaking with people who claim to have had encounters with extraterrestrials.

Sprinkle acknowledges that his research seems at odds with the mainstream scientific pursuit of life on other worlds – like NASA’s Mars Phoenix lander, a $450 million mission aimed at detecting water and organic matter on the red planet.

“I tried to get my colleagues involved, but that didn’t go over too well,” Sprinkle said of his years doing research as a professor of psychology at the University of Wyoming.

Sprinkle, who has a doctoral degree in psychology, arrived at UW in 1964 and did research into hypnosis and reincarnation as well as UFOs.

He left the university in 1989 after being pressured to do so by administrators, who feared that his work cast the school in a negative light, Sprinkle said.

His research since the early 1960s has consistently shown that people who report alien encounters or UFO sightings are generally psychologically well adjusted and have strong educational backgrounds, Sprinkle said.

Skeptics point out that no physical evidence exists to support claims of alien visitors or advanced spacecraft.

“There has been a long history of people in the know who say the government has known for 60 years that flying saucers are here and that we’ve had some crashed disks and bodies recovered, but the information has been hidden,” Sprinkle said.

Though he has been a frequent speaker in the past at UFO conferences around the world, Sprinkle, 78, said he now gives presentations only once or twice a year.

More than 40 people are expected to attend a dinner, slide show and discussion Saturday by Sprinkle scheduled at the Thomas the Apostle Center in Cody, said Connie Moody, a director of the retreat owned by the Wyoming Episcopal Diocese.

“We’ve had a tremendous response to this, so we’re really excited,” Moody said.

The center is open to all denominations and also hosts private events focused on a variety of topics not necessarily endorsed by the Episcopal Church, Moody said.

She said that Sprinkle’s talk is part of a planned “out of the box” series of lectures to be scheduled at the retreat.

Sprinkle said his presentation Saturday will “speculate on the possibility that ETs are here to help us raise our level of awareness,” and will explore connections between the concepts of reincarnation, immortality and souls.

“Technology and science are coming together with ancient religious stories,” he said, adding that the world of quantum physics may have connections to UFO sightings and related phenomena.

Sprinkle said he was invited to speak by the Rev. Warren Murphy, an associate clergyman at Cody’s Christ Episcopal Church, who had heard Sprinkle lecture on reincarnation

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The Real Ghostbusters live in Kentucky

Commonwealth Paranormal, a new group of paranormal investigators, recently emerged in Eastern and Central Kentucky. And, they are already are getting requests from people all across the region allegedly experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses. “The response has been overwhelming” says Co-Founder Joe Clark of Salyersville. “We have been an official group now for just a short time, and we have already received several cases, ranging from private residences to businesses.”

Although the group Commonwealth Paranormal is new, it’s members are no strangers to the paranormal field. Co-Founders Chris Dedman, Joe Clark, and Eric Willis, along with several other members of the group were previously members of an area TAPS family group. TAPS, short for The Atlantic Paranormal Society, is a paranormal group that is featured on the Sci-Fi Channel series “Ghost Hunters“. They have affiliate groups around the world. In fact, Dedman and Clark were in leadership positions with the affiliate group before resigning to
pursue Commonwealth Paranormal.

“I’ve been involved in paranormal investigations for six years now, and I love it more today than ever”, says Clark. “There is no greater feeling in the world than the feeling you receive after you have helped a client through what is often times a frightening or terrifying experience.”

According to Co-Founder Chris Dedman of Louisville, eighty percent of all alleged paranormal activity can be attributed to natural causes. “We investigate using scientific methods, and most of the time, we are able to debunk the activity. However there are times you can’t. And it is then, when you rule out all the possibilities, that you can declare the activity as being “paranormal.”

Both Clark and Dedman have had their share of encounters with the paranormal...

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For more information on Commonwealth Paranormal, visit their website at


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