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Oprah was a man, and other (tall?) tales…

I take everything that relates to celebrities with a grain of salt, but here are some interesting words from a Dr. Walter Semkiw, a physician working at Kaiser-Permanente in San Francisco who is the author of two books: “Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation” and “Soul Groups United and Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving International Celebrities.”

O my, Oprah was a man in a past lifetime? Who? You vote.

OUR HEALTH: Doctor who believes in reincarnation says gender, race, religion change over lifetimes.

Jane Glenn Haas
Our Health column (OC Register)

You are not who you think you are.

You are really someone else. Someone who lived before your birth.

You are reincarnated.

This is the message of Dr. Walter Semkiw, a board-certified physician working at Kaiser-Permanente in San Francisco. Semkiw also is the author of two books: “Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation” and “Soul Groups United and Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving International Celebrities.”

Semkiw insists research proves from lifetime to lifetime, facial features, personality traits, passions aptitudes and linguistic writing style remain consistent.

Q.You firmly believe we are all reincarnated?

A.Absolutely. The range of cases proves that.

Q.And you were?

A.John Adams. I was told I was John Adams in a session with a medium in 1948 but I didn’t believe it at all. I completed medical training, got married and moved to Southern California. Then in 1996 this voice – like a megaphone – told me to study the lifetime of Adams. It was powerful enough. I realized some of the photos look exactly like me and we have the same personality traits. That’s how I got into the reincarnation field.

Q.You have researched an impressive array of clients – particularly children who seem to remember details of past lives.

A. I believe the most impressive is Barbro Karlen, who has had memories since childhood of being Holocaust victim Anne Frank. Even the current president of the Anne Frank Foundation who knew Anne Frank when she was alive believes Barbro is the reincarnation.

Q.What’s so important about the Barbro-Anne Frank story?

A. It demonstrates that religion can change from lifetime to lifetime. Anne Frank was born a Jew and Barbro is a Christian. The observation that souls can change religion, race, ethnicity and gender has great societal implications.

There is a transformative effect that can happen in society. We can prevent future events like the Holocaust or 9/11 and that’s what makes me passionate about reincarnation research.

Q.What’s interesting to me is that people seem to have the same facial features from lifetime to lifetime.

A. Yes, although gender and race can change. Oprah Winfrey was a man.

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Secret Cave Under Mexican Pyramid

Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramid (Yahoo News)

By Miguel Angel Gutierrez

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Archeologists are opening a cave sealed for more than 30 years deep beneath a Mexican pyramid to look for clues about the mysterious collapse of one of ancient civilization’s largest cities.

The soaring Teotihuacan stone pyramids, now a major tourist site about an hour outside Mexico City, were discovered by the ancient Aztecs around 1500 AD, not long before the arrival of Spanish explorers to Mexico.

But little is known about the civilization that built the immense city, with its ceremonial architecture and geometric temples, and then torched and abandoned it around 700 AD.

Archeologists are now revisiting a cave system that is buried 20 feet beneath the towering Pyramid of the Sun and extends into a tunnel stretching for some 295 feet (90 meters) with a height of 8 feet.

They say new excavations begun this month could be the key to unlocking information about the sacred rituals of the people who inhabited the city, later dubbed “The Place Where Men Become Gods” by the Aztecs who believed it was a divine site..

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The Caves of Buddha

Buddha’s Caves (The Daily Star)

Sand is implacable in far western China. It blows and shifts and eats away at everything, erasing boundaries, scouring graves, leaving farmers in despair.

It’s one of many threats to the major tourist draw of Dunhuang, an oasis city, on the lip of the Gobi desert: the hundreds of rock-cut Buddhist grottoes that pepper a cliff face outside town. Known as Mogaoku — “peerless caves” –and filled with paradisiacal frescos and hand-moulded clay sculptures of saviour-gods and saints, they are, in size and historical breadth, like nothing else in the Chinese Buddhist world.

And Mogaoku is in trouble. Thrown open to visitors in recent decades, the site has been swamped by tourists in the past few years. The caves now suffer from high levels of carbon dioxide and humidity, which are severely undermining conservation efforts. The short-term solution has been to limit the number of caves that can be visited and to admit people only on timed tours, but the deterioration continues…

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