Commonwealth Paranormal, a new group of paranormal investigators, recently emerged in Eastern and Central Kentucky. And, they are already are getting requests from people all across the region allegedly experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and businesses. “The response has been overwhelming” says Co-Founder Joe Clark of Salyersville. “We have been an official group now for just a short time, and we have already received several cases, ranging from private residences to businesses.”

Although the group Commonwealth Paranormal is new, it’s members are no strangers to the paranormal field. Co-Founders Chris Dedman, Joe Clark, and Eric Willis, along with several other members of the group were previously members of an area TAPS family group. TAPS, short for The Atlantic Paranormal Society, is a paranormal group that is featured on the Sci-Fi Channel series “Ghost Hunters“. They have affiliate groups around the world. In fact, Dedman and Clark were in leadership positions with the affiliate group before resigning to
pursue Commonwealth Paranormal.

“I’ve been involved in paranormal investigations for six years now, and I love it more today than ever”, says Clark. “There is no greater feeling in the world than the feeling you receive after you have helped a client through what is often times a frightening or terrifying experience.”

According to Co-Founder Chris Dedman of Louisville, eighty percent of all alleged paranormal activity can be attributed to natural causes. “We investigate using scientific methods, and most of the time, we are able to debunk the activity. However there are times you can’t. And it is then, when you rule out all the possibilities, that you can declare the activity as being “paranormal.”

Both Clark and Dedman have had their share of encounters with the paranormal...

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