What are these paintings conveying? Are they beautiful or are they just strange? How do they make you feel? I find them to be gorgeous, but mostly I love the way they make me feel like I am reading a story about something odd, suspenseful and exciting – to me the experience of looking at these is so much like reading something that you simply cannot put down because it’s so riveting…


The Organized Chaos of Tatiana Kazakova

by Tracy Jones



“Flying saucers, whales, watermelons and white padded rooms collide inside the mind of Tatiana Kazakova. Living in Moscow, Russia, this digital artist and illustrator dismantles the walls of organized reality and builds them back up into a chaotic monument. She creates worlds that contract and dance in the hypnotized eyes of viewers. Her illustrations are a mix of media: They blur the lines between painting and digital manipulation. The social commentary in her work is an assault on the incoherence of life and the noisy brains of humans….”


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