I recently went to a fantastic movie, “Anonymous”, about the mystery surrounding the authorship of the Shakespeare canon. While the film is fiction, it includes elements of fact that do seem to imply a feasible possibility that William Shakespeare is not the name of the author who penned the works of “Shakespeare” –


The director of the film, Roland Emmerich, has put together a compelling little video of ten reasons why Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare…


For more on the mystery, the film’s website has a debate going and a series of very educational links on the matter, here.


NPR has also done some work on this:


The Real Shakespeare? Evidence Points To Earl”


“In the final part of Morning Edition’s series about Shakespeare, co-host Renee Montagne examines the theory that the Earl of Oxford — not the man from Stratford — is actually the bard and author of the world’s most famous plays…”


Listen to their story here.