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Novel News: THE REINCARNATIONIST is On Sale At Last!

THE REINCARNATIONIST is officially on sale. You may purchase it here.

…In the meantime, please enjoy a short excerpt from the book and get hooked!

Rome, Italy – Sixteen Months Ago

Josh Ryder looked through the camera’s viewfinder, focusing on the security guard arguing with a young mother whose hair was dyed so red it looked like she was on fire. The search of the woman’s baby carriage was quickly becoming anything but routine, and Josh moved in closer for his next shot.

He’d just been keeping himself busy while awaiting the arrival of a delegation of peacekeepers from several superpowers who would be meeting with the Pope that morning, but like several other members of the press and tourists who’d been ignoring the altercation or losing patience with it, he was becoming concerned. Although searches went on every hour, every day, around the world, the potential for danger hung over everyone’s lives, lingering like the smell of fire.

In the distance the sonorous sound of a bell ringing called the religious to prayer, its echo out of sync with the woman’s shrill voice as she continued to protest. Then, with a huge shove, she pushed the carriage against the guard’s legs, and just as Josh brought the image into that clarity he called “perfect vision,” the kind of image that the newspaper would want, the kind of conflict they loved captured on film, he heard the blast.

Then, a flash of bluish white light.

The next moment, the world exploded…

(For news, and other information about THE REINCARNATIONIST – A Novel of Suspense, please visit M.J.’s books page.)


Birds with old souls?

this bit of science fact causes one to wonder – if birds are this intelligent, perhaps they are reincarnating along with the rest of us?

(Don’t forget to watch the movie clip associated with this story. It will blow your mind.)

crow head


Starred Review

Congratulations M.J.! This is a wonderful Starred Publisher’s Weekly Review of her new novel…they are saying that The Reincarnationist “better meets its ambitions than Dan Brown’s ubiquitous book.”


The Reincarnationist – Starred Review
M.J. Rose
. Mira, $24.95 (464p) ISBN 978-0-7783-2420-1 Best known as an author of erotic thrillers, Rose (Lip Service) delves into religious myth and past-life discovery in her well-paced ninth novel. In present-day Rome, a terrorist bomb explosion triggers flashbacks of pre-Christian Italy in photographer Josh Ryder. Josh experiences the memories as Julius, a pagan priest defending the sacrosanct monuments of his gods and the life of his vestal virgin lover against the emperor-mandated onslaught of Christianity in A.D. 391. Six months later, Josh has teamed with the Phoenix Foundation, an institute specializing in past-life memories in children, to explore a newly excavated tomb that may contain pagan memory stones that incite past-life regressions and will, by proving the existence of reincarnation, challenge the church. The stakes rise after it becomes clear that dangerous outside forces also want the stones. In a series of memory lurches, the narratives of Josh and Julius slowly wind together to reveal a Da Vinci Code–esque tale of intrigue that’s more believably plotted and better meets its ambitions than Dan Brown’s ubiquitous book. (Sept.)


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