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Smile, you’re on Bigfoot TV.

In honor of the recent 40th anniversary of the famed Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage (Oct. 20th), here is that infamous bit of wonderful folderol for your viewing pleasure…



James Brown Reincarnated?

“Snowball is a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo and he loves to dance and sing. He loves the Back Street Boys. No one taught Snowball to dance, he just heard this song and suddenly felt like dancing. We’re all jealous because he can outdance each one of us…nobody likes a show off! When he’s really in the mood, he dances and sings. And at the end of the performance he takes a bow or two or twenty!!”

Click here to enjoy the show (from Bird Lovers Only blog).


Speed Racer Reincarnated?

I love it when the world provides us with a fabulous example of why it’s just plain silly NOT to be a reincarnationist…


Czech speedway rider knocked out in crash wakes up speaking perfect English

By CHRIS BROOKE – More by this author ยป

When Matej Kus’s teammates heard him talking after he was knocked out in a speedway accident, they were relieved he was conscious.But they were also a little surprised.

For although the 18-year- old Czech knew only the most basic English phrases, he was conversing fluently in the language with paramedics[]

Click here for the entire article from The Daily Mail.


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