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Reincarnation Diary

Here is an intense Reincarnation Diary from a reader, Reba

I have many little visions that I recall but the most profound past life recall went as follows; I had laid down for a nap on the couch and was in that twilight before sleep. Suddenly my head was on a chopped up stump, slimy and sticky from blood. Flies were buzzing around it. I could hear the birds chirping and a crowd whispering. It felt like spring time. I was worried about my long dirty blood caked braid getting in the way of the executioners ax and noticed it was lying in front of the stump past my face. That relieved me. I looked down and saw my chest. I was wearing a corset that was dirty and cinched up tightly. I was very tired and wanted it to be over. My hands were bound behind my back. I heard the crowd hush and a swoop. I shot straight up on the couch and immediately wrote this in my journal. At the time I was dating a guy who’s family hated me. They were blaming me for many things like their horse dying, litter of puppies dying, a car accident, all because I read Tarot cards. I believe they were responsible somehow in that past life for having me tortured and executed.


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Facial Similarities and Other Connections Through Incarnations

I’ve posted about David Wilcock before. He’s the fellow who is a dead ringer for Edgar Cayce, and is quite possibly his reincarnation (see the link below for some fascinating connections). Why does physical appearance indicate anything at all when it comes to reincarnation? Here are some points made by Cayce regarding incarnations…

“We also know from the study of Cayce’s readings and other sources that successive future incarnations should have at least five key points of similarity:

ASTROLOGY: Astrology is vitally important in terms of the spiritual “configuration” of an entity. Therefore, we should see remarkable astrological similarities between successive incarnations.

FACIAL APPEARANCE: The facial appearance is another vital “stamp” of an entity’s own identity that transcends the space of one simple lifetime. The entity’s innate personal vibrations determine the precise arrangement of the DNA molecule. Therefore, we should expect that successive incarnations have very obvious facial similarities.

KARMIC TRAITS AND LESSONS: The entity will invariably have the same traits, both “good” and “bad,” and therefore be drawn back into learning the same karmic lessons, repeating them again and again until they are mastered.

KARMIC PLACES: The entity might well be drawn back into the same places that it had lived in the past. Such was the case between Bainbridge and Cayce both ending up in the Virginia area.

KARMIC PEOPLE: The entity will invariably be drawn back into associations with the same people that it had known in the past, reincarnating with them again in the future. Consciously, the entity would have no idea that this is what happened. Amazingly, there are hundreds of cases of this “group reincarnation” that emerge in the Cayce Readings, especially from the Ra-Ta and Ujhltd period.

So, what we have here is five basic stipulations for reincarnation. Obviously, there are many others as well, but these are some of the most important criteria.”

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