Paranormal researchers need us to believe in things such as orbs in order to continue their life’s work, so are these researchers really the best folks to be doing the research? It’s certainly not “science”. Is there some better way to conduct such experiments? I think that the credibility of the paranormal community would benefit from more unbiased research.

Judge for yourself:

Paranormal investigators record orb attack in abandoned hotel/nursing home
by Patricia Marin, Ghost Hunting Examiner

In Nomine Paranormal Research (INPR), based in Fort Wayne, IN, recently participated in an investigation of the Hotel Rieger in Sandusky, OH with Erie Paranormal Research. INPR is a group of professional paranormal investigators formed to advance the knowledge of paranormal activity. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and scientific principles, they seek to produce positive quantifiable evidence of the existence of spirits, portals, paranormal energy, and the afterlife. Rob Stone and Megan Price from INPR made the three hour journey to Sandusky. The investigation began at approximately 6:30 pm and lasted into the night.

The Hotel Rieger has gone through several incarnations, including stints as a nursing home and a bed and breakfast, finally closing its doors in 1996. It has stood vacant since then and is currently owned by the city of Sandusky.

Rob reports that the majority of the activity apparently centers on the fifth floor. Paranormal activities include footsteps, shadows, and voices. The ghost of a small child is thought to haunt the entire hotel, although his or her identify is unknown.

When Orbs Attack

Investigators covered all five floors of the hotel, along with the basement. While conducting an EVP session in one of the rooms, they heard footsteps in the hallway, although they were alone on the floor at that time. They also captured an interesting orb event on the remote DVR camera – click on the hyperlink to check it out. The orb streaks down the hallway toward the camera; then, just as it reaches the camera…[the rest]