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Enlightment by 2012?

How to bring enlightenment to a minimum of 64,000 people worldwide by the year 2012?
The Oneness Movement has a plan:

The primary methodology to accomplish this is deeksha, a transmission of the energy or frequency state of enlightened oneness.

The oneness Temple while under construction

Read about what these folks are up to at the What The Bleep website.


Mental – Do Over

The new show, Mental, had an excellent episode recently which addressed the issue of past life memories and regression. Check it out…


An Edgy Relationship with Religious Freedom

Vietnam’s dispute with Zen master turns violent

HANOI, Vietnam — Communist Vietnam’s sometimes edgy relationship with religious freedom is being tested in a dispute over a monastery inhabited by disciples of Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the world’s most famous Zen masters.

For four years, the Buddhist monks and nuns at Bat Nha monastery in central Vietnam have been quietly meditating and studying the teachings of the 82-year-old Vietnamese sage who is perhaps the world’s best-known living Buddhist after Tibet’s Dalai Lama.

But lately, they are in a standoff that could test the patience of even the most enlightened.

First, local authorities cut off their power, water and telephones.

Then, a mob descended on their compound with sledgehammers, smashing windows, damaging buildings and threatening occupants.

Communist authorities have ordered the 379 Vietnamese monks to leave the monastery in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. They say the standoff stems from disagreements between two Buddhist factions at the monastery.

But Hanh’s followers believe they are being punished because of Hanh’s praise for the Dalai Lama and his call to broaden religious freedom in Vietnam.

The affair represents a remarkable turnaround from four years ago, when France-based Hanh returned to his native land after 39 years of exile during which he developed a philosophy called “Engaged Buddhism” and sold more than a million books in the West.

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