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Buddhist Relics Found In Gobi Desert

Rare Buddhist treasures unearthed in Gobi Desert

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London, UK — A joint Austrian-Mongolian treasure hunt team has unearthed rare Buddhist treasures, not seen for more than 70 years, in the Gobi Desert.

The relics, which include statues, artwork, manuscripts and personal belongings of a famous 19th Century Buddhist master, were buried in the 1930s during Mongolia’s Communist purge, when hundreds of monasteries were looted and destroyed.

Michael Eisenriegler, leader of the search team, told the BBC World Service they were filled with “the most amazing Buddhist art objects”.

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A Question from M.J.

…I read an explanation in a book that humans aren’t supposed to wind up with our soul mates in any given lifetime – that we do meet them and they often have a deep purpose, but it’s not in the plan for soul mates to be together in life. It is said that it’s actually not beneficial to be with one’s soul mate in some situations.

I can’t find the book I read that discusses this, and I want to find the exact explanation – does anyone know what it is?


Happy Science

Happy Science is a growing philosophy/religion, particularly popular in Japan where folks are extremely “happy” about it. 🙂

What exactly is Happy (or “Happiness”) Science you may ask?

“Happy Science is a universal religion based on faith in El Cantare, who is Buddha, God, the great consciousness of the universe. It was founded by Master Ryuho Okawa in Japan in 1986. Happy Science is also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose aim is to achieve true happiness by deepening and widening our love, and to reach a higher level of enlightenment based on the teachings of truth by Master Ryuho Okawa.

By building a wonderful life, we spread our happiness to those around us and to society, with the goal of creating an ideal world on earth.”

(From Happy Science NY dot org)

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