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How The Earth Was Made…

(Thank you to our reader, author Durga Holzhauser, for the link to this incredible video.)

This has to be seen to be believed –



Does Holography Explain The Universe?

“We are wisps of memory, and threads of desire latching on to chunks of consciousness and participating in a cosmic dance.”  – Deepak Chopra

I’ve posted in the past about Biocentrism – the belief that the physics of the universe cannot fully be explained without factoring in the human element. In other words, our perception of the universe is a function of how it exists in the first place. For a better explanation than I can supply (this stuff is complicated!), and for how it relates to reincarnation, please check this out. Another burgeoning scientific idea, see the article below, seems to line up rather well with biocentrism – it’s the idea that we may live in a Holographic Universe. Recent discoveries seem to suggest this may actually be the case…

Holographic Universe: Discovery Could Herald New Era In Fundamental Physics

ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2009) — Cardiff University researchers, who are part of a British-German team searching the depths of space to study gravitational waves, may have stumbled on one of the most important discoveries in physics, according to an American physicist.

Craig Hogan, a physicist at Fermilab Centre for Particle Astrophysics in Illinois is convinced that he has found proof in the data of the gravitational wave detector GEO600 of a holographic Universe – and that his ideas could explain mysterious noise in the detector data that has not been explained so far.

The British-German team behind the GEO600, which includes scientists from the School of Physics and Astronomy’s Gravitational Physics Group, will now carry out new experiments in the coming months to yield more evidence about Craig Hogan’s assumptions. If proved correct, it could help in the quest to bring together quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of gravity…

For the complete article, please click here.

For an easy to understand video explaining how a holographic universe may work, click here.



The Reincarnationist Q&A – Bestselling Author Leanna Renee Hieber

The Reincarnationist welcomes author Leanna Renee Hieber – thank you for answering our questions Leanna!

Leanna Renee Hieber is the award winning, bestselling author of the Strangely Beautiful series of ghostly, Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels beginning with The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker (Barnes & Noble Bestseller) and continuing soon with the April 27th release of the sequel, The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker.


What is your most marked characteristic that you believe could be a hold over from a past life?

My life-long obsession with the late 19th century. I was driven to start my first novel when I was around twelve years old, a Gothic novel set in 1888. Many years and projects later, I returned to that first beloved genre with a new manuscript, a ghostly, Gothic Victorian Fantasy again set in 1888, my debut novel; The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. The Strangely Beautiful series has mythic themes of incarnations so this is a fitting dialogue for me. I’ve always fostered a keen desire to paint the difficult, gorgeous, gritty, atmospheric time that is the Victorian era, a time whose triumphs, terrors, riches and injustices, conflicts and fierce fascination with the supernatural make for a fascinating epoch that I’ve felt I’ve always known. When I travel to London, I have an uncanny sense of the city – having grown up in rural Ohio this should not have been innate. So I truly believe something of my heart and spirit belongs to 19th Century London, as it’s always had a claim on me.

What is your principle defect that you believe may be inherited from a previous incarnation?

Trying to balance sensitivity, trust, generosity and ambition – a very tricky scale to keep level.

Which of your favorite heroes do you think you could have been and why?

The first women who put pen to paper and declared themselves writers, any of the men and women of the Suffrage and the Abolitionist movements, because they were brave, right and just. And one hero in particular: Caroline Earle White who founded the American Anti-Vivisection Society in the late 19th Century to speak out against animal cruelty, elevating a discourse on human ethics. As a vegetarian and caretaker of a bunny rescued from a laboratory, that issue is close to my heart.

What three people from history would you like to have over to dinner for a discussion about reincarnation?

Jesus – I imagine he’d have some fascinating things to say about it.
Martin Luther – I’m Lutheran and so I’m curious what points he’d argue.
Queen Victoria – because I’d really love to meet her and her interest in spiritualism could make it a fascinating discussion.

What do you think happens when we die?

I’m not sure and I don’t mind the Divine Mystery. I believe energy continues on, and sometimes it may linger tied to a specific person or place, but generally it moves onto towards Peace (what that looks like or may be, I can’t presume to say) or to perhaps another go-round on the globe.

When you come back next time, who (or what!) would you like to be?

I’m really enjoying being a novelist! I think I could do it for a few lifetimes and still have stories I’d want to tell. Or a bird; flight would be lovely.


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