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incredible occurrences of unexplained behavior…

It’s hard to resist reporting on the UFO scene once in a while. So, here you go, from Huff Post – a really, REALLY great preview of a new book on the subject…

UFOs ‘On The Record’: Generals, Pilots And Government Officials Talk About What They Know

The subject of UFOs — of intense interest to the general public — is no longer something that reputable journalists will feel they need to avoid or dismiss as silly. Popular culture has distorted the facts about this compelling mystery, and a new book sets the record straight. “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record” (Harmony Books / The Crown Publishing Group) by journalist Leslie Kean pulls back the curtain on the incredible occurrences of unexplained behavior by unknown objects over many decades.

“UFOs” includes a foreword by John Podesta and riveting, first-person accounts written by over a dozen military and aviation witnesses and official investigators from around the world. Contributors include a former governor of Arizona, the former head of the FAA’s Accidents and Investigations Division, military generals from five countries, a retired senior research scientist from NASA, Air Force and commercial pilots, and government officials from agencies investigating UFOs in their respective countries.

For the complete article and to view a series of incredible photos, click here.


The Riddle of Here…

Our nature is to find happiness in simple things, like when we were little babies…



Operation Immortality

The Immortality Drive” is a digital memory device containing the digitized DNA sequences of some of the world’s greatest minds, artists, athletes, including physicist Stephen Hawking and comedian Stephen Colbert. It was sent to the International Space station in 2008.

Is the Immortality Drive a guarantee for our survival? Will humanity one day be “reincarnated” digitally by other intelligent beings who happen to stumble upon our DNA time capsule?

Read about it here.



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