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Birth of a New Humanity

The following video is a long one, but it’s full of some really interesting stuff regarding the “reincarnation” of our own humanity – Melchizedek takes it quite literally! Check it out:


Drunvalo Melchizedek – Birth of a New Humanity from Ritchy Niburu on Vimeo.


Welcome To The Goldilock’s Zone

As we discover more and more “earth like” planets in other solar systems (planets that exist within the “Goldilock’s Zone“), it becomes clear that we may not be alone in the universe…

Alien life certain to exist on Earth-like planet, scientists say

The chances of alien life existing on a newly-discovered Earth-like planet are 100 per cent, an astronomer has claimed.

“Gliese 581g was discovered orbiting a nearby star at a distance that places it squarely in the “habitable zone” where liquid could exist on its surface. Of around 500 planets that astronomers have found outside Earth’s solar system, this is the first to be considered habitable…”

For more click here. Watch a video of an astronomer reflecting on the discovery here.


The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

You may not be able to get to the British Museum to see this exhibit in person, but thankfully we can at least get a glimpse of it over the internet! There are some good things about modern times…scroll down for a link to the pictures –

Egyptian Book of the Dead exhibition reveals secrets of lost civilisation

British Museum’s show including objects on display for first time sheds new light on ancient beliefs

    Egyptian Book of the Dead


    Posters for a new show at the British Museum cheerfully posed the question: what happens after death? Visitors may hope it’s a bit less stressful than the perilous journey depicted in the museum, taking them through a dark, terrifying underworld populated by vigilant baboons, an Ibis god called Thoth and crocodile-headed devourers who threaten to eat the damned…

    For more on the exhibit click here. To see amazing photographs of the exhibit, click here!



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