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Religion Is Dead (Or Is It Just Getting Started?)

The subject of religion is, for better or for worse, intimately entwined with the subject of reincarnation. So, as reincarnationists, it serves us to pay attention. Is it possible for humanity to phase religion out entirely, or is religious thought so programmed into us that no matter how logic-based we become, we will never be able to shake off the gods?
On the one hand, a team of mathematicians have predicted, in a new paper based on census data stretching back 100 years, that organized religion will all but vanish eventually from nine Western-style democracies. Read the article here. On the other hand, we have increasingly faith-based politics in the U.S., extremists of all faiths abound in what seems like every corner of the world, spiritual concepts are endeavoring to match up beautifully with the most cutting edge scientific concepts, and atheists in China are trying to control the reincarnations of spiritual leaders…


Controlling the Means of Reincarnation

From Eavesdropping on The Times Magazine (The New York Times)
I’m trying once again to wrap my mind around the idea that an avowedly atheist group (the Chinese Communist Party government) insists on its power to certify reincarnations.
The Dalai Lama yesterday renounced his political power to represent Tibetans from his exile in India. (If he were Bob Dole he could have said, “I come before you not as a king, but just a god.”) He has been making this point for a while – the Tibetan government in exile has had an elected prime minister since 2001; the next election is on March 20. But the Dalai Lama seems more serious this time, and the three leading candidates are not monks. The holy man, in short, is trying to take religion out of politics.
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The Truth Is Out There, Or Is It?

One of our favorite conspiracy theorists and authors, Erich von Däniken, gives his rather optimistic take on 2012, crop circles, the pyramids, the Mayan long count calendar, and extraterrestrial communications:




The Gold of The Gods?


Very few people have heard of it, and yet the Crespi Collection is arguably the most mysterious group of treasures ever unearthed in the Americas. Sumerian style gods cast in gold, illuminati pyramids flanked with lions, mysterious untranslatable symbols, and a “metal library” – these are just some of the odd and incredible artifacts collected by Father Crespi in Ecuador. Some say that this collection, found in an ancient and secret underground location, is the smoking gun of a lost, world-traveling, and highly advanced civilization. Could it be that these treasures are what remains of an Atlantean colony? Watch the video below and do some research online, and then please let us know what you think…


The Crespi Collection
(from the FOK! Website)



Many may not be familiar with what we call the Crespi Collection, but it was/is one of the more amazing collection of artifacts from South & Central America that has every been brought together.


Father Carlos Crespi was a Silesian-monk who lived in Ecuador. He did missionary work among the Indian population in remote valleys during his lifetime.


Crespi received or bought many artifacts from the indigenous people in Ecuador.


When questioned, they told him they had found them in subterranean cave systems in the jungles. As time progressed, many of these relics were brought together and kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora.


Unfortunately, many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire in 1962 or later when the church was restored. Also, many were lost or wound up with treasure hunters. After Father Crespi passed away, the remaining artifacts of the original collection were removed and made inaccessible to the public. Some may still be stored in the cellar archive of the church Maria Auxiliadora.


The age and origin of these items is still unknown today. Father Crespi never tried to classify them. The picture motifs are strange, their meaning not understood. These objects show the pictures of an unknown culture.


Were they left by unknown civilizations?

The most well known pieces are tablets made of silver, gold foil or other alloys with unknown letters and mysterious symbols…


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