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The Apocalypse: Not Now


Brace yourself: According to Harold Camping, the self-proclaimed spokesman for The Rapture, the apocalypse is rescheduled for October 21.


What Is Harold Camping’s Message To His Devastated Followers?
By IB Times Staff Reporter


Harold Camping’s prediction of May 21 Doomsday has failed. But, what about his followers who had blindly followed the prediction and vigorously spread the message?


Now, that Camping’s prediction is proven to be a complete failure, attention has been shifted to his devastated followers.


On the part of Camping, he abdicated all responsibility for ruining the lives of many hundreds of his followers who disposed of their properties thinking that the world was going to end on May 21.


Some of Camping’s followers, including Adrienne Martinez who is pregnant with her second child, has spent their entire life savings and quit their jobs.
The much-publicized case of Robert Fitzpatrick best explained the human tragedy of a whimsical prediction. Fitzpatrick, a retired transport worker, had spent as much as $140,000 to advertise the doom. And there are many like him.


This was Camping’s answer to them: “They should have relied on God and not me,” Family Radio is not in the business of financial advice. They should turn to God and pray.”…


For the complete article click here to go to International Business Times.


The Mysterious and Enlightening “Lost Gospels”

Have you seen the documentary “The Lost Gospels“? It’s quite worth your time if you’re interested in religion and history. The film is a “ninety minute long BBC video documentary (released in 2008, and available in nine YouTube segments) which follows the personal quest of Anglican priest Pete Owen Jones to understand the many ancient Christian texts that didn’t make it into the New Testament. The focus is principally on the Gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi. This is an entertaining and educational introduction to the Gnostic Gospels; it is both well researched and nicely produced, with extensive location filming in Egypt.” (Text from The Gnostic Society Library – a website you will find very interesting if you enjoy researching religious texts, apocrypha, etc.)



The first segment is posted below:



Stem-cell magic cures the blind

Here’s another kind of reincarnation we are enthusiastic about. It’s the reincarnation of damaged ocular cells via the ingenious application of stem cell treated contact lenses…


Stem-Cell-Coated Contact Lenses Are Curing the Blind

Regeneration of damaged tissues due to corneal disease begins in as few as two weeks
By Dan Smith


Researchers in Australia have come up with an outwardly simple but incredibly ingenious way of curing blindness caused by corneal damage: Take everyday contact lenses, already used by millions (including me), and infuse them with a patient’s own stem cells. After wearing them for about 2 weeks, test subjects reported a seemingly miraculous restoration of sight. Is it that easy?…


For the complete article and an accompanying video segment, click here to go to PopSci.



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