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Beggars Who Are Angels…

My friend Lily over at the fantastic blog Green Mother Medicine has shared a remarkable story with her readers, and I’d like to pass it along to you…



“We are all angels in each other’s eyes.”

From the blog Green Mother Medicine


“Every month I go to The Blue Flag Dare’ where we gather on behalf of all living beings for healing and harmony. We have a council circle, held with the idea that solutions to what we are facing personally, in our local communities and globally require the participation and perspective of all.  So, a “question” is posed, which in not meant to have an “answer” but rather is a touchstone for discussion.  People are asked to speak from the heart and to tell a story from their lives that relates.


Sunday’s question was to address the ways in which Beggars Appearing as Angels which is part of so many spiritual traditions has appeared in your life…”


Read the complete story here.


About Green Mother Medicine:


Living “in the story” of the transformation of our world from a place where we have a choice to be in denial that all things have consciousness and worthiness into living in a world where there is reverence, gratitude and awe for THE WEB OF LIFE and an understanding that we are part of it.


Mediums: Fact or Fiction?


The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a treasure trove of mysterious things. Here’s an example of one of their many free teleseminars:


“Can mediums talk to the dead? Can you? Why should we care?” with Julie Beischel

Visionary: Julie Beischel, PhD


Dean Radin hosts this discussion with Dr. Julie Beischel, who performs rigorously controlled research investigating the accuracy of the information mediums report and systematic studies of their experiences during ostensible communication with the deceased. But are they really talking to the dead? Dr. Beischel discusses what she has found during her research with mediums and the importance of those findings for each of us.


You may listen to the talk here, as well as download the mp3.


This post was written by Emily, co-editor of the blog.


Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base

Here is a very interesting presentation by author Annie Jacobsen who visited Google’s Santa Monica office on July 19, 2011 to discuss her book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.” This talk took place as part of the Authors@Google series.



Thanks goes to LiveWriters for this link.


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