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Behold, the time traveling photographs…

Time traveling photography?


“Viewing the left side of the picture is not looking leftward in space but backward in time…” (Slate photo blog)


Click the photo below to see more and to learn how this artist achieves such wonderments.




Alchemists Take Note!

Ah, what they would have done in the ancient world to have this secret in their pocket…



Superman-Strength Bacteria Produce 24-Karat Gold


At a time when the value of gold has reached an all-time high, Michigan State University researchers have discovered a bacterium’s ability to withstand incredible amounts of toxicity is key to creating 24-karat gold.


“Microbial alchemy is what we’re doing — transforming gold from something that has no value into a solid, precious metal that’s valuable,” said Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics.


He and Adam Brown, associate professor of electronic art and intermedia, found the metal-tolerant bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans can grow on massive concentrations of gold chloride — or liquid gold, a toxic chemical compound found in nature…”


For the complete article click here to go to ScienceDaily.



Was Jesus Married To A Woman? Or Was He Married To The Church?


I’m fascinated with the little scrap of papyrus they found that suggests Jesus was married (perhaps to Mary Magdalene?). We already knew this in our gut though, right? Why wouldn’t Jesus have been married?


Or, could it be that the words “My wife” are in reference to the holy church? The debate will no doubt go on and on…


Here is one perspective:



‘Proof’ Jesus was married found on ancient papyrus that mentions how son of God spoke of his wife and Mary Magdalene



“A recently uncovered fragment of ancient papyrus makes the explosive suggestion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife, researchers say.


The 8cm by 4cm fragment supports an undercurrent in Christian thought that undermines centuries of Church dogma by suggesting the Christian Messiah was not celibate.


The centre of the fragment contains the bombshell phrase where Jesus, speaking to his disciples, says ‘my wife’, which researchers believe refers to Magdalene…”


Read more here.


And here is an interview with the woman who discovered Jesus’s “wife”.



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