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Are We Living In A Computer Simulation?

According to this philosophical argument, odds are our reality isn’t “real”…


If what we know is actually a simulation, would you want to be aware of that or not? Which pill would you choose?


The Reality Of Reality May Not Be Reality




“Every night for months before the presidential election, Nate Silver would fire up his computer and run simulated results for his FiveThirtyEight blog on The New York Times. He ran hundreds of these simulations, tweaking variables like “white male poodle owner” turnout. Then along came Election Day. We all went out to vote (you did vote right?) and reality became the final word, trumping whatever Nate Silver’s simulated universe might, or might not, have said.


But what if there was more to the story? What if the simulated election didn’t just happen in Nate Silver’s computer? What if Election Day itself was a simulation with you, me and even Nate Silver just running through our autonomous but fully programmed roles. My friends, what if we all are living inside someone else’s simulation?…”


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Tesla’s Death Ray: Was It Real?

Tesla’s Death Ray



“Given that Tesla’s inventions generally possessed an element of social conscience, of doing good for humanity, it may seem surprising that he created a number of devices with military applications. And the notion of the Tesla harnessing his mind for purposes of war may seem immensely frightening. After all, this is the man who boasted that with his resonance generator he could split the earth in two… and no one was ever quite sure whether he was joking.


The first Tesla invention with a proposed military use was his automaton technology, with which the labor of human beings could be performed by machines. Specifically, Tesla produced remote-controlled boats and submarines. He demonstrated the wireless ship at an exposition in Madison Square Garden in 1898. The automaton apparatus was so advanced, it used a form of voice recognition to respond to the verbal commands of Tesla and volunteers from the audience.


In public, Tesla spoke only of the humanitarian virtues of the invention: it would lessen the toils and drudgery of mankind and keep human lives out of harm’s way. But Tesla actually had his hopes on a contract with the U.S. military…”


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Like looking for a single needle in thousands of haystacks…

It seems like almost every day we hear about something completely new out there in our grand, mysterious universe.


A star-less, ‘homeless’ planet is finally discovered after much searching…



An artist’s impression of lonely ‘homeless’ planet CFBDSIR2149 Photo: European Southern Observatory

By Hannah Furness


A young “homeless planet”, up to seven times the size of Jupiter and with no gravitational ties, has been spotted by scientists for the very first time.


The lonely planet, called CFBDSIR2149 at the moment, is deemed “homeless” as it does not orbit a star.

It is the first isolated planet of its kind ever to be discovered by scientists, after more than a decade of searching in a process described as “looking for a single needle in amongst thousands of haystacks.”

Up to seven times the size of Jupiter, it is free-floating with no gravitational link and meets the specific criteria of mass, temperature and age to be designated as a “planet”…


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