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The use of cloning and stem cells to resurrect life…

We are big fans of Dr. Lanza. Besides being the other of many books related to his work as a stem cell biologist and cloning expert, he is the author of Biocentrism, a book that has been referenced here at the Museum of Mysteries on several occasions. Here is his talk for TEDx on the use of cloning to revive extinct species. Enjoy!


“Robert Lanza, M.D. is Chief Scientific Officer at Advanced Cell Technology, and professor at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He has several hundred publications and inventions, and 30 scientific books: among them, “Essentials of Stem Cell Biology” and “Principles of Tissue Engineering” which are recognized as the definitive references in the field. Others include the “Handbook of Stem Cells” and “Principles of Regenerative Medicine”.


To learn more about de-extinction, please visit Revive & Restore (the organizer of TEDxDeExtinction) here:






An Imposter Queen Who Was Actually a King?

Ah, this is a very interesting mystery indeed! Was Queen Elizabeth I really an imposter? And was that imposter a man?


It may be time to check the grave…




Is this proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? Shocking new theory about Elizabeth I unearthed in historic manuscripts




“The bones of Elizabeth I, Good Queen Bess, lie mingled with those of her sister, Bloody Mary, in a single tomb at Westminster Abbey. But are they really royal remains — or evidence of the greatest conspiracy in English history?


If that is not the skeleton of Elizabeth Tudor, the past four centuries of British history have been founded on a lie.


And according to a controversial new book, the lie began on an autumn morning 470 years ago, when panic swept through a little group of courtiers in a manor house in the Cotswold village of Bisley in Gloucestershire…”



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Memories of The Future…

Is it possible for a past life regression via hypnosis to bring on “memories” of a future life? Fact or fiction, we found the transcript excerpted below to be incredibly interesting. Enjoy!




ViewZone Note: Hypnosis has successfully been used by professional therapists to treat a number of psychological problems. One such method involves regressing a patient to a younger age and eliciting memories of his childhood, where developmental crises can be re-lived and resolved. What follows is a transcribed portion of several audio tapes recorded during a regression therapy. The hypnotist, who will remain anonymous, accidentally triggered memories of both past and future lives. This transcript is from one session that elicited memories of a life in the future– a future where humanity has left the polluted planet Earth to live in orbiting space colonies.


We will reveal this amazing transcript in two parts. We ask that you keep an open mind and remember that the dialog is unrehearsed and unanticipated. The patient, here identified only as “ep,” describes his life and environment in vivid detail. It is this detail that lends credence to his chilling view of what lies ahead for humanity, both on and off the planet.


The complete text of THIRD WITNESS is available in book form at Amazon.”



Excerpt from THIRD WITNESS: The Alan Arthur Winston Hypnotherapy Sessions with Edward Peterson

ep: I see gray. It's gray here through the thick glass.
Everything is just so clear.


aaw: What else?


ep: I see the Earth. Way off.


aaw: And where are you?


ep: I am--on the moon.


aaw: What do you see?


ep: The air is heavy and dank and there's a condensation on the inside of the walls and I'm looking through a, like a, not like a porthole, but not like glass, and it's really, really, really thick. And there's dirt. And there's a slit in the dirt, it covers it all up, and I'm lookin' out and I can see the earthrise. That's very special, because usually we have to keep the shutters down--from all the radiation.


aaw: Do you do work there?


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