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Fragments of Ancient Egyptian Sphinx Found In Eastern Mediterranean

Wouldn’t this be an amazing seed for a novel? Who were the people who brought this sphinx so far east?


Fragments of a 4,000 year old Egyptian sphinx inscribed with the name of the pharaoh Micerino (otherwise known as Menkaure “Eternal like the Souls of Re”, or in Greek, Mycerinus or Mykerinus), were recently found in the eastern mediterranean. The fragments are from the only “Micerino” sphinx ever found in this area.





Archeology: remains of Egyptian sphinx found in Israel

Inscribed with the name of Micerino, the only sphinx in the East


“(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV – Hebrew University archeologists have discovered two limbs belonging to an Egyptian sphinx at the Tel Hazor site in Upper Galilee, north of Lake Tiberias.
Destroyed in the 13th century BC, the ancient city of Hazor is now the largest archaeological site in northern Israel and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The fragments are in granite, 30-40 centimeters high, and weigh 40 kilos. Unearthed at the entrance to the city’s palace, they are inscribed with hieroglyphs naming Micerino, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt over 4,000 years ago and who built one of the three great pyramids of Giza, near Cairo.


This is reportedly the only Micerino sphinx ever found, and the only sphinx fragment ever discovered in the eastern Mediterranean. (ANSAmed).”


For the original article click here.


To learn about this “Micerino” fellow (the last great pyramid builder), click here. (But, if, like us, you are skeptical of the mainstream Egyptology timeline, you may find this history a bit puzzling – we think the pyramids and the sphinx are much, much older than 4000 years!)

Michio Kaku: Why Your Head Is Older Than Your Feet

Enjoy a little smarts for the day from esteemed scientist Michio Kaku –


Relativity happens —  even on your body! Apparently time “beats” at a faster rate at the top of your head than on the bottoms of your feet…



Ancient Suppressed Technology & Discoveries From Around The World

Are you interested in Ancient Sumerian texts and their possible otherworldly origins? Are you interested in evidence that sound waves were used in ancient Egypt to build and quarry materials for the pyramids? Giants in North America? Heart transplant operations in ancient China and South America?…


There are, according to archaeologist Jonathan Gray, many suppressed technologies and discoveries from the ancient world. This is one of those talks that covers so much information that it’s almost like taking an entire college course.


“Explorer and archaeologist Jonathan Gray discussed discoveries that demonstrate advanced ancient technology. Because such artifacts don’t match current academic beliefs they are often suppressed, with evidence destroyed or hidden…”



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