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Electric Ghosts

We know David Bowie would have loved this guy — and by guy we mean Tesla, obviously – but also the incredible artist and illusionist Marco Tempest who does the most compelling and jaw-droppingly cool Ted Talk tribute to Tesla that we’ve ever encountered…




“A magician and illusionist for the 21st century, Marco Tempest blends cutting-edge technology with the flair and showmanship of Houdini.”


The Thin White Duke & The Occult

The Thin White Duke’s occult leanings are explored in this very in-depth piece. There is so much in the media right now about our dearly departed David Bowie, it’s quite difficult to sort through it all – but this article has much in it that was previously unknown to us. Enjoy…


P.S. The comments associated with this article are an interesting blend of insanity – we chose to ignore them.


R.I.P Beautiful soul. We will miss you.

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The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of “Blackstar”



“In the wake of David Bowie’s death, his last album, “Blackstar”, is his swan song, an enigmatic conclusion to a career punctuated by otherworldly alter-egos and esoteric symbolism. We’ll look at the meaning of “Blackstar” in the context of David Bowie’s career.


Very few artists can boast the longevity of David Bowie in the music industry, as his career spanned over five decades and produced 28 albums. Throughout the decades, Bowie migrated from one musical genre to another, and even from one persona to another, but a constant remained: He was surrounded by an otherworldly aura.


Through his work, Bowie turned himself into a musical ‘ascended master’, a Gnostic Christ-like figure who achieved a high level of illumination and who sought to communicate a cryptic message to humanity. While many of Bowie’s eccentricities could be attributed to drugs and rock and roll, one cannot paint a complete picture of this artist without mentioning his most enduring obsession: Western occultism.


David Bowie, born as David Robert Jones in 1947, is seen by some as a sort of ‘Renaissance Man’ whose professed ‘universality’ is an attempt to show the apex of evolution by reassembling the fragmentary pieces of our society; thus, he resembles many occultists.

However unlike most occultists, Bowie has considerable wealth, critical acclaim, penetrating intelligence, and enduring good looks; he seems set to go on to even greater heights and achievements. What next, godhead? There is a Faustian/Mephistophelean element here. How else can one explain the absolute zenith of this man’s worldly trajectory? In fact, there are people who are convinced that his brobdingnagian success is not without some kind of otherworldly assistance. (…)

Nevertheless, it can not be ignored that Bowie has constructed his public persona from the various parts of the puzzle that are at the roots of modern occultism. He was summoning up some of these pieces at the early age of 16.

– Peter R. Koenig, The Laughing Gnostic – David Bowie and the Occult


Throughout his career, Bowie often turned himself into a mere vessel as he lent his body to various personas who spoke through him, often communicating messages of deep occult significance…”


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The Electric Universe


This geologic anomaly is Kondyor Massif.


There is very little information about this mysterious “circle of rock” other than that most of the world’s surface titanium is found there…and electrical activity is present —


Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 4.18.34 PM




The Kondyor Massif


Geologists say it is an intrusion of igneous, or volcanic, rock that pushed up through overlying layers of sediment. Electric arcs provide a better explanation.


“A six-kilometer-wide circle of rock contrasts with the surrounding topography in Northern Siberia. It looks like a crater formed by the impact of a stone from space or an extinct volcano, but neither explanation seems to fit more detailed observations.


The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite observed Kondyor Massif on June 10, 2006. A three-dimensional image of the formation was created in order to provide an indication of its proportions. There is little vegetation within the ring of rock as the ASTER image reveals. A river flows out of the massif on the north side, fed by rainwater collecting within the uplifted rim.


An interesting feature of the river is that it appears to cut through the rim of the massif at one point, as if it adopted a channel that was present before the river began to flow. The geological term for such an anomaly is “superimposed topography.” In other words, the river and its bed seem to be inserted into the terrain, rather than developing with it.


Kondyor Massif is unique not just because of its unusual structure, but for the mineral veins within it: gold, silver, and platinum are mined there by the Russian government. Previous Picture of the Day articles about the Siberian Traps and Popigai Crater noted that northern Russia possesses rich diamond, copper, nickel, and coal deposits. Popigai is one of the world’s most profitable diamond resources and includes one of the most concentrated examples of nickel-bearing ore in the world.


Kondyor is not an impact crater, per se, because the hallmarks of electrical activity are present…”


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