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The eclipse crop circle mystery…

The “eclipse crop circle” in Sutton Hall, Nr Rochford, Essex. Reported 17th August.


There are multiple theories so far on what this crop circle means. Some think it looks like a radio broadcast tower and were hoping that we would be receiving some sort of message around the eclipse…did a message arrive? Would we hear about it if it did?





Intriguing ‘Eclipse Like’ Crop Circle Shows Up In Essex. Reported Just Days Before Solar Eclipse


It’s just days before an eclipse of a lifetime and as the world readies for the sight and some for the energetic shifts, a new crop circle has appeared in a field at Sutton Hall near London Southend Airport. The circle was discovered on August 17, 2017 but it’s meaning, if any, is not yet fully understood. A crop circle with meaning you might ask? Yes, evidence has shown time and time again that many of these circles have incredible scientific anomalies and thus people believe the formations come from somewhere or something else.

On the scientific side, the electromagnetic field over the area where a circle appears is usually electrostatically charged. There is also a rare form of electromagnetic energy called an “ionized plasma vortex,” also known as ball lighting, involved with these formations.


Let’s have a closer look at this and imagine for a moment. In this particular formation, it appears the overall appearance resembles a “radio broadcast tower” with a “satellite dish” near the top. In this case, its “satellite dish” resembles the usual symbols for a “solar eclipse.”…


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Anti-gravity machines in Tesla’s “lost papers?” Tune in to decide for yourself…

Tesla’s last patent, filed in 1928, was for a flying machine that would have changed everything we knew about flight…


Tesla’s lost papers describe an anti-gravity flying machine? Could it be? Certainly Tesla was a futurist and a genius…so, let’s imagine for a minute that these claims are true…





Tesla’s Secret Lost Papers FOUND…Reveal AMAZING Inventions! [VIDEO]


“Nikola Tesla was a man of the future, with ideas that far outreached many of the inventors of his time.


In 1926, Tesla was able to predict the ‘modern smartphone.’
“We will be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance,” Tesla said. “But not only this but through television and telephony we will be able to hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles…”


Tesla also created the first drone patent more than a century ago. And that was just one of the approximately 700 worldwide patents he had by the time of his death. Nearly all of them are in use today.


Without Tesla, our world would look very different. He made remarkable breakthroughs in wireless communications, turbine engines, helicopters, fluorescent and neon lights, and the X-ray…”


More of the article here. Video below.



Future Earthlings Won’t See Total Solar Eclipses…Here’s Why:

How was your eclipse?


Experiencing this fluke is even more rare than we can imagine…


From “Heard on Morning Edition,”


Why Future Earthlings Won’t See Total Solar Eclipses

by Nell Greenfieldboyce


“Anyone who gets to see the total solar eclipse on August 21 will be lucky — and humanity is lucky to live on a planet that even has this kind of celestial event.


Mercury and Venus, after all, don’t even have moons. Mars has a couple, but they’re too small to completely blot out the sun. Gas giants like Jupiter do have big moons, but they don’t have solid surfaces where you could stand and enjoy an eclipse.


And, even with solid land and a moon, Earth only gets its gorgeous total solar eclipses because of a cosmic coincidence.


“They appear to be the same size because of their distance away from us,” explains Amber Porter, an astronomer at Clemson University, which is in the path of the upcoming eclipse. The diameter of Earth’s moon is about 400 times smaller than the diameter of the sun, but “even though the moon is about 400 times smaller than the sun, it’s about 400 times closer to us here on Earth, which is how that perfect kind of magic happens.”

Because of this quirk, the tiny moon can obscure the entire face of the sun and reveal its eerie corona, at least right now. In the past, Earth’s eclipses did not look like this.


“The size of the sun hasn’t really changed over the age of Earth, but the moon has been moving away from Earth over eons. So in the past it looked bigger,” says Matija Cuk, a planetary scientist at the SETI Institute.


The moon is still moving away from Earth, he says. Every year, it shifts outward about an inch-and-half…”


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