Welcome to the Reincarnationist Blog’s series of interviews using the infamous Proust Questionnaire. Today’s subject is Diana Abu-Jaber…



Title of your latest book as of Sept 1, 2007: ORIGIN




Do you believe — even a little bit that reincarnation is possible?

Yes, a little bit


Have you ever read anything books the subject that made an impression on you?


I think I read a little of Shirley Maclaine’s memoir….


What is your most marked characteristic that you believe could be a hold over from a past life?


Chocoholism and really frizzy hair.


What is your principle defect that you believe might be inherited from a previous incarnation?


See above.


Which of your favorite heroes do you think you actually could have been and why?


I like the idea of having been Cat Woman, due to her unitard. Maybe in a past life I could’ve fit into her unitard.


What three people from history would you like to have over to dinner for a discussion about reincarnation?


James Beard, Julia Child, and Brillat-Savarin (I guess I’m a little more focused on the dinner part than the the discussion part here….)


What do you think happens when we die?


White light, long tunnel, take a number and wait?


When you come back next time, who would you like to be?


Michael Ondaatje and Annie Dillard’s great grandchild.


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