So, who are The Druze (a.k.a. Druse, Muwahhid, Mowahhidoon, Mo’wa’he’doon, Taw’heed Faith), anyway?

From Religious Tolerance dot org –

…In common with the followers of many far Eastern religions, they believe that, at death, one’s soul is instantaneously reincarnated by being reborn into another human body. They believe that all souls were created at one time; the total number of souls has neither increased nor decreased since. During many lifetimes, a soul will experience the full range of “health and illness, fortunes and misfortunes, riches and poverty.Each soul has the opportunity to “…progress upward until it reaches purity.” 4 Through successive reincarnations, the soul may eventually unite with the Cosmic Mind “al- aaqal al kulli.

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