Thank you Gina for sharing this touching Reincarnation Diary with  us…

My past lives come back to me in dreams. I’ve had the dreams as long as I can remember. I’ve counted 6 separate past lives so far. This is one:

I am standing on a train platform in a long gray dress. The wind whips dust around my feet. A young man in walks toward me. He’s carrying a bundle of blue cloth and black boots. I know that I’m in love with him and I know he’s about to leave. Someone is shouting far away. The young man has to hurry. He kisses me and I whisper, “Please don’t go.” He doesn’t answer but thrusts something flat into my hand and turns and runs to the train. I wave as I watch the train leave, but I know I’ll never see him again. I look down to my hand and see that I’m holding a photograph of him.

In second dream I had about this life I was an old woman. I was lying in a bed in a dimly lit room. My sister was sleeping in a chair close to the bed. I pulled the faded photograph of the young man off the bedside table and stared at it. I started to cry and said outloud, “I waited but you didn’t come back.” I hear thunder. I kiss the photo and say, “We’ll be together soon.”

When I had the second dream my sister (in this life) woke me up and told me I was crying in my sleep and mumbling “we’ll be together soon”.