In a study reported by the British Medical Journal it was discovered that connections make us happier.

“The same team that demonstrated obesity and smoking spread in networks has shown that the more happy people you know, the more likely you are yourself to be happy.

And getting connected to happy people improves a person’s own happiness…”

This of course comes as no surprise for those of us who religiously use social networks and connect via blogs, websites, and email. I can vouch that when I am in touch with old friends and new friends over the internet I do feel more connected in general and that makes me happier. However, if these electronic connections were my ONLY connections to other humans I think the idea would backfire. We need real human interaction to feel truly alive.

Here is some Reincarnationist homework for the rest of the week: Reach out to at least one of your online connections in person. Meet up at a park, a cafe, or invite them over for dinner. I dare you. (And then please come back and let us know in a comment how that interaction made you feel.)

t rose