This is incredibly good news for all of us: Our beloved Dalai Lama is not throwing in the towel. And in other news, he may appoint a woman as his eventually successor. Wow.

Dalai Lama Not Retiring After Hospitalization
The Dalai Lama May Choose a Woman as His Successor

The Dalai Lama has been hospitalized several times since the summer, including a stay in Delhi last week for a pinched nerve, leading to speculation the aging spiritual leader may be ready for retirement.

Tibetan exiles decide to stay the course with “middle way.”

Not true.

“Basically, he’s better,” said Tenzin Taklha, a senior aide to the Dalai Lama. “He’s wearing a neck collar to give him a little bit of rest. He has resumed his schedule.”

The self-proclaimed “semiretired” Dalai Lama, 73, has led the Tibetan people for the last 50 years and said that he has no intention of fully retiring any time soon…

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