“The lines between science and spirituality have become inevitably blurred.” (Gerald Penilla)

The following is a segment of very in-depth piece on Buddhism and physics from www.examiner.com. I think the more we learn about both spirituality and science, the more we will find links between the two. You can find the video referenced in the article, below.

“In his video “Where Science and Buddhism Meet,” Gerald Penilla argues that there are such strong parallels between how physics and Eastern spirituality, including Buddhism, understand reality that the boundaries between them are not as clear as many may suppose. That is, physics and Buddhism are simply two different methodologies that lead to pretty much the same understanding of reality and reinforce each other.

This idea became popular in some circles with the publication of Fritjof Capra’s The Tao of Physics in 1975. Since then, many writers have echoed Capra’s thesis that Eastern mysticism and modern physics share a similar worldview and corroborate one another. Gerald Penilla’s video follows this tradition.

For instance, according to Penilla, both Eastern spirituality and modern physics agree that the foundation of all reality is a “field of potential from which everything arises.” In Eastern spirituality, this field is called such names as ‘Tao’ and ‘Brahman.’ In physics, it’s called the ‘quantum field’: An electromagnetic field from which all particles arise not, ultimately, as separate objects but as “different forms of the same system.”

Penilla also asserts that the physics concept of quantum entanglement parallels the eastern spiritual concept of oneness or interconnectivity in which all particles and composite objects in the universe exist only in relation to each other and to the whole system that they comprise”… [read the complete article here]

Where Science and Buddhism Meet from Gerald Penilla on Vimeo.