As someone who has experienced sleep paralysis many times, I am always interested to hear more about it. Scientific explanations are just as compelling to me as the more paranormal claims – and I am usually caught somewhere in the middle when I consider my own theories on it.

Here is an interesting group of personal accounts and responses from an expert on the subject that you may find enlightening:

Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal

“Recently, I have been contacted by several readers who are all asking the same basic question. These readers are experiencing something from which many of us may have suffered at one time or another, sleep paralysis.

First, just to be very clear, there are several types of sleep paralysis, not all of which are indicative of paranormal interference. I am not a medical doctor, and my perspective and observances should not be taken as such.

The following is a letter I received regarding this subject and includes my response. The name of the sender has been changed to protect his privacy.
Ms. Costanzo,
If you have time, can you explain to me the interaction of negative spirits or beings and sleep paralysis. I have had numerous bouts of sleep paralysis throughout the past years, never knowing when another will occur. During these episodes, bizarre things and creatures seem to manifest or at least I am dreaming they are. However, as you know during this time I am wide awake but unable to move. I have also had OBEs (out of body experiences) during these episodes, traveling and floating around the house. I am disturbed by much that has gone on, and I had never thought about the possible explanation alluded to in your article, “The Nature of Negative Hauntings”. Any information you are able to provide will be helpful and appreciated.
P.S. All the web sites on sleep paralysis are scientific in nature and all repeat the same things.

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