Please enjoy this fascinating 1 Hour 25 Minute Movie about the amazing qualities of…Water. My first thought after I watched this film was that it seems to explain how homeopathy may work. I’ve always been skeptical of homeopathy, but I’ve noticed recently that in some cases it really does seem to work, as if my magic. How can water retain the “memory” of substances long taken out of the water itself? The film has some insight on this –

One of the most important tips confirms Dr. Masura Emoto’s research that water memorizes emotions and is contaminated by all the twists and turns it takes from its source to your tap. Consequently, the most powerful way to restructure the water to its natural structure is to place the combination of two words on the vessels of water: LOVE & GRATITUDE. While the movie goes into detail about using prayer and kindness to treat the water in our bodies and our children, it reminds us that we can also restructure water by placing the words LOVE & GRATITUDE directly on water containers and water faucets! Lastly, another source quoted Dr. Emoto as saying that while water really did not like being microwaved, the damage from microwaving could be completely reversed and improved by simply writing the words LOVE & GRATITUDE on the underside of the glass plate that revolves in the microwave oven.

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