The concept of reviving long lost species keeps coming up in conversation lately. I suppose it’s true that we are capable of cloning using captured DNA, even really old DNA, and so this is not just a fantasy anymore, but does humanity have the moral maturity to play god in this way? Doesn’t anyone remember the premise for Jurassic Park? I’d say that humans are still smack dab in the middle of their most extreme materialistic age – and that suggests that the reasons for bringing back extinct beasts may be more greed oriented than compassion oriented. Let’s let the reincarnations remain in the hands of the unknown powers that be, ok?

That said, here is a story about my most favorite long gone creatures – the glorious mammoths – I admit that I would extremely happy to see one alive…

Sophisticated hunters not to blame for driving mammoths to extinction

Woolly mammoths and other large, lumbering beasts faced extinction long before early humans perfected their skills as spearmakers, scientists say.

The prehistoric giants began their precipitous decline nearly 2,000 years before our ancestors turned stone fragments into sophisticated spearpoints at the end of the last ice age.

The animals, which included mammoths, elephant-sized mastodons and beavers the size of black bears, were probably picked off by more inept hunters who only much later developed specialised weapons when their prize catches became scarce…

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