Cryptozoology is my secret addiction. I wholeheartedly believe in Bigfoot – but I really do not believe he’s hanging out in Central Park. However, one fellow certainly does…

Thank you to Ghosttheory for this great find:

Ufologist and Cryptozoologist Nick Redfern posted a really far fetched,but interesting story about a Bigfoot-like creature spotted in New York’s Central Park.

As silly as this might sound, the witness appeared sincere in his face to face interview with Nick.

It’s important to remember that as skeptical as you are, you have to listen and investigate claims in order to weed-out the hoaxes & misidentified sightings. At times it’s like a wild goose chase.

Is there some Bigfoot-like creature living in NYC’s Central Park? Not likely. Is it possible for the witness to have seen something that, to him, was not human looking? Very likely.

This reminds me of the movie “Caveman’s Valentine“. Such an interesting film.

The Creature of the Park

By Nick Redfern

For the most part, the overwhelming majority of all reports, stories, accounts and tales I receive of strange beasts roaming the United States tend to be relatively down-to-earth – or at least as down-to-earth as it’s possible to be when dealing with accounts relative to Bigfoot, lake-monsters, werewolves and a truly wide and varied assortment of other creepy critters.

Sasquatch, for example, is generally reported from within the deep woods and eerie forests of the Pacific north-west; lake-monsters generally surface from within the murky depths of some of the United States’ larger bodies of water; and as for werewolves: well, for some reason, there are a huge amount of reports from the dense woodland and plains of rural Wisconsin. In other words, in those places that are very much dominated by long stretches of wilderness, forests and deep lakes, strange creatures absolutely proliferate…

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