Introducing Kevin R. Williams, author of NOTHING BETTER THAN DEATH: Insights From 62 Profound Near-Death Experiences…


“Yes, reincarnation is a neglected topic in the West. But it shouldn’t be…”

What is your characteristic that you believe is a hold over from a past life?

My previous life was as my grandmother’s father who killed himself in front of her and her mother.

I took care of my grandmother during the last 7 years of her life.

Because she was in her 90’s, I always considered her more as a daughter than a grandmother.

Toward the very end, she told me the story of her father and how he was an alcoholic and committed suicide.

He was obviously bipolar – as was my beloved grandmother and myself.

While she was telling me about her father, it occurred to me that she was talking about me.

Now I know the reason why I ended up taking care of her.

I was paying the karmic debt for my past life as her father (my great grandfather) for cutting short my life as her father and by depriving her of a father to take care of her.

What is your principle defect that you believe is inherited from a previous incarnation?

My bipolar disorder and alcoholism. But I am taking good care of these problems in this life.

Which of your favorite heroes do you think you could have been and why?

My favorite hero is my father who recently passed away of lymphoma. He was the exact opposite of me; but he was my “Rock of Gibralter” whenever I needed stability in my life. Without my bipolar disorder, I believe I would have been more like my father.

What three people from history would you like to have over to dinner for a discussion about reincarnation?

(1) Jesus. I know in the Bible that he frequently taught the concept of karma – and therefore reincarnation.

(2) John F. Kennedy. On my website, I present overwhelming evidence of his past life as Abraham Lincoln.

(3) Ian Stevenson. I never personally knew the man but I wish I did.

What do you think happens when we die?

According to near-death experiences, we leave our bodies, go through the tunnel, and enter the afterlife realm that we are more comfortable with.

We experience a homecoming with loved ones on the Other Side.

There is no time over there, so we can experience an “eternity of eternities” if we wish.

At some point, we are given “the offer we can’t refuse” in which we leave paradise for another learning experience in Earth’s great “School of Hard Knocks.”

But if we have earned it, there are higher dimensions to go to for more learning.

When you come back next time, who (or what!) would you like to be?

I want to be a husband and a father. Circumstances in my current life have prevented me from being both.


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