Now that we’re completely addicted to the bliss that is the incredible new TV drama Past Life based on M.J.’s book, let’s get back to the  inspirations, history, reincarnation news, weirdness, and general wonderment that we know and love on this blog:

Bigfoot’s Museum: Loren Coleman on his new cabinet of cryptozoology curiosities

For half a century, my friend Loren Coleman has been obsessed with unusual animals, many of which may not exist at all. Loren is a cryptozoologist. He studies hidden and unknown animals, and the mythology, urban legends, folklore, and culture surrounding them. Sure, Bigfoot, Yeti, and Nessie are the big names, but there are countless others — the Jersey Devil, the Thunderbird, the Mothman, to name just a few. Loren has written more than a dozen books on the subject and posts daily at the Cryptomundo blog, all from a firmly Fortean perspective. Does he actually “believe” in Sasquatch or sea monsters? No, because belief, he has said, “belongs in the providence of religion.” He just tries to keep an open mind in order to accept or deny evidence based on examination and investigation…

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